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Aug 24, 2010 07:25 PM

Best Blueberry Pie I've had in 35 years!

We were up in the Waldoboro area last week and we happened upon a "Pie Lady" type of place in Round Pond ME. The crust was incredible and the blueberry filling was firm, not soupy like some. Just incredible. High recommendations to Dot's Bakery 1233 State Route 32 Round Pond, ME.
This "Bakery" is run out of her house, much like the "Pie Lady" in Bar Harbor (Perkins Pies).

Round Pond is a town on Rte 32 probably 10 miles or so South of Rte 1 Waldoboro ME.

GREAT GREAT PIE and Wheat Bread we got also was excellent!

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  1. Thanks for your post!
    Heading up to Round Pond areea in a couple of weeks and will defintely check this out!
    Appreciative Catnip

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    1. re: catnip

      Please post your thoughts as well......I wish I could get one of these weekly, but sitting here a little north of Boston, that ain't happening!

    2. Noooo do not tease me. I want a Pie Lady near me!! I love the PIe Lady on Rte 3 in Bar Harbor. I make a decent pie but sometimes I am not in the mood and I just want a good pie!! I wish I could teleport myself :)

      1. Sounds amazing - wish I knew about this place during my most recent trip to the area (I live out of state).

        I tried searching for more about Dot's Bakery but only found one other google hit for this business (a brief mention in a recent local newspaper article). Unfortunately, I was unable to find a telephone number or hours of operation for Dot's (including which months they're closed, if any).

        Sinned61, do you happen to have this info, by any chance? Thanks.

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        1. re: freshfigs

          BTW, you don't happen to have a specific street address or phone number for Perkins' Pies in Bar Harbor, do you?

          1. re: freshfigs

            Only know it is on Rte 3 heading into Bar Harbor on the LEFT!

          2. re: freshfigs

            Dot's Bakery 207-529-2514....I have no info on hours etc, but I stopped in late afternoon and she had one blueberry pie...her daughter said most are spoken for (i.e. special orders)

            1. re: sinned61

              Great, thanks so much! I really appreciate the info.

              BTW, legitimate, diamond-in-the-rough tips like this are especially welcome after we were all apparently hoodwinked by maxcaffein two years ago - remember how (s)he'd led us to believe that there was a hard-to-find new bakery called "Hobby Holly Bakery" in Bar Harbor that supposedly made amazing blueberry pies? Yet when you (and perhaps others) investigated, it was nowhere to be found?


              Oh well, I guess (s)he had a good laugh at our expense - maxcaffein's only chowhound posts are contained in that thread. I do appreciate your effort two years ago in trying to verify its existence and again this year in bringing Dot's Bakery to our attention.

              One final question:
              If the blueberry pies at Dot's Bakery would rate 10 out of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, how would Perkins' Pies (the Pie Lady in Bar Harbor) rank in comparison? 8 out of 10, perhaps?

              1. re: freshfigs

                Ahhh the Holly Hobby DEBACLE!! Thanks for the memory....NOT! What a waste of my time!!!

                Perkins Pie would rate a solid 8 or 9 out of 10, but Dot's really got me....I wish I could get another NOW!!!

                1. re: freshfigs

                  Holly Hobby!! I wore out my google search on that one. Nothing more evil than lying about a pie shop.

                  1. re: xcptnl

                    Agree with both of you re: Holly Hobby/Hobby Holly (not sure which was correct - not that it matters). Really messed up to screw with us like that.

                    1. re: freshfigs

             my poor wife and kids had to deal with me that day! The search for the Holy Grail Blueberry Pie...ALL BASED ON A LIE (so it seems!!!)

                      1. re: sinned61

                        WOW---were you right 100% on this one sinned61!!!!
                        We stopped into Dot's and got one of her blueberry pies(the last one she had).
                        Wish we had more time ;we would have tried her huge blueberry muffins
                        They looked great also..
                        Anyways this was the best blueberry pie we've had in decades as well.
                        The crust was magnificent and my wife,who NEVER eats pie crust,gobbled this down with delight.
                        The filling was,like you said,solid and oh soooo sweet,
                        Unforunatley they were not open on Columbus Day and we had to leave early the next morning or we'd have been there when she opened just to sample more of her wares and to buy many more pies to take home.
                        This place is not to be missed at all when you're in the area.
                        We'll be back;I can assure you of that.
                        Thanks very much for your post!!!!!

                        1. re: catnip

                          Definately agree - We had one of Dot's blueberry pies earlier this month and it was fantastic. I can't recall ever having any type of pie that was close to being that good! She knows the secret to making great crust! I also tried her donuts and fish chowder and they were excellent too. I suggest calling ahead to order a pie so you won't be disappointed: 207-529-2514.

                          1. re: catnip

                            Glad to see others share my opinion.....I want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            1. re: sinned61

                              So.....we'll be in Waldoboro in mid-November. Best way to go about checking out Dot's is to call them in advance? Or is it a setup where you can drop by and see what's available? TIA,

                              1. re: harrie

                                Who knows how the offseason is, but in August I was told to call ahead. Wouldn't hurt to do this even now I think.

                                1. re: sinned61

                                  Thanks! Maybe I'll see if my B&B person knows Dot, and/or whether she bakes year round, etc. I'm definitely keeping Dot's phone number on hand.

                                  1. re: harrie

                                    Harrie - I'm pretty sure that she is open year round, operating out of her house. Her hours are 6 AM to 8 PM daily, closed Monday. She just opened this summer so some of the locals are not aware of her. She offers full breakfasts. I wish I had allowed for more than one visit. You are in for a treat!

              2. Thanks for the heads up on Dot's Bakery and Cafe - she had four pies available when we dropped in: blueberry, apple, pecan and (I think) pumpkin. We went with the blueberry and picked up two loaves of bread, white and French. Everything was excellent across the board. The French bread is not a baguette - in my neck of the woods, we'd call it Italian based on the shape - but it was very tasty with a nice texture. Used half of it (the French) to make garlic bread last night, and will toast the rest to have with clam chowder (mine) tonight. And we could not believe the prices - $12 for a great pie and $3 for each bread. A loaf of regular store-bought bread is about $3.69 or so these days!

                Dot gave us the big pitch - she's making meat pies, soups, pizza (order early in the am for evening pickup). If you're in the area, definitely drive by or call - she's a character, and she makes good stuff.

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                1. re: harrie

                  Thanks for the THANKS! I wish I could patronize her 52 weeks a year, but the miles from there to here (Boston area) just don't make that possible! I hope she gets the business she deserves.....

                2. The original comment has been removed