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Aug 24, 2010 06:34 PM

Classic "Old Hollywood" Theme Party Ideas

My daughter just started college; I'd like to throw a dinner party for her with an "Old Hollywood" theme; specifically the Hollywood of the 20's and 30's, for 16-20 people. Of course costumes will be price of entree (be your favorite old filmstar), and the cooking's not a problem technically or quantitatively, What I've come up with thus far is chopped Cobb salad bruschetta. Caesar salad also comes to mind as a chopped salad, and that's where I start drawing blanks. Can you all throw out a suggestion or two for anything that would support this theme in any way?

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  1. Steak tartare has fuzzy origins, but it goes way back. Alan Barnes' recipe is delicious.

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      TY veggo. What a good suggestion. Things don't need to be superduper authentic; just representative of the era and the glamour. Something else I just remembered from the book "Lost Hollywood" is that Mary Pickford ate only spinach for dinner when she was filming, so there's a side dish - fresh sauteed, with whatever lends itself to whatever entree the creative minds here help me come up with. Also Perino's comes to mind, but I may be pre-Perino's and will lhave to check. And I'll check out the tartare recipe; I'm loving that idea.

    2. 1920's:
      Deviled Eggs
      Shrimp or Oyster Salad
      Cabbage Rolls
      Barbecue Ribs
      Swiss Steak
      Waldorf Salad
      Caesar Salad
      Pineapple Upside Down Cake
      Rice Pudding
      Asparagus au Gratin

      or copy the menu from Coolidge's dinner:

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        Emme, thanks for suggestions. I especially like the shrimp/oyster salad ideas, and figure I'll do something with the asparagus too. I found an archived menu from old Perino's that gives me more to go on entree-wise. I do know that Champagne cocktails and Gin Martinis will be on hand at the bar; so very filmstar "glamorous and sophisticated."

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          LOL, my grandmother always ordered a Pink Lady at Perino's.

      2. Waldorf Salad, Chicken a la King, shrimp cocktail, hot canapes, raspberry mousse, tea sandwiches, venetian ice cream

        Drinks (for those of age): Brandy Sours, Stingers, Champagne, Martinis, Locomotives

        1. You might want to consider reviewing the menu at Musso and Frank's in Hollywood.

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            GOOD call, Buckeye. Really good call.