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Aug 24, 2010 06:04 PM

a case of red and white - good value

Hi -
I would love some suggestions for a case of wine I will need to pick up for an upcoming birthday party. It will be a mixed crowd. I would like 6 red (Italian or CA) and 6 white - looking for great bang for the buck (under $15/bottle). What would you put in the box? Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. Red, Italian: Dolcetto d'Alba, Nero d'Avola, Valpolicella Ripasso, Rosso Conero or Piceno, Carmignano. Good producers near or at your price point. White: Alsatian or Alto Adige Pinot Blanc/Bianco, Australian Clare Valley Riesling, French Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, Entre-deux-Mers.

    1. Red: Norton Malbec (about $11)
      White: Cupcake Sauvingnon Blanc (about $8)

      But what food are you serving?

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      1. re: iluvcookies

        not sure of the menu - I was asked to bring a case of wine, so I need bottles that are versatile.
        Thanks for your help!

        1. re: JoBear

          Why not stop into a local wine shop during a tasting? One near me has tastings every Saturday and that is how I found the Malbec, which I enjoy with both pasta and hot sausages. The Cupcake SB was served in a local resto and I found it went well with a caesar salad (it was a hot day).

      2. Don't waste your time asking will be hard to collate all the ideas. Head to the most trusted wine retailer in your location, and put the same question to her, and have a fun, memorable real-time debate about which ones you should choose.

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