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Aug 24, 2010 05:31 PM

romantic dinner in Montreal Friday night

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Montreal this weekend and would like to go out for a romantic dinner. I've been reading the boards and some places I'd like to go, like Au Cinquieme Peche and Le Club Chasse et Peche, Europea and Toque!, are a bit expensive for us.

Can anyone recommend romantic, or at least quiet, places with French/Quebecois food (on the classic side and strength in fish would be a plus) that are a level down in price from those places?

We're staying right by the Sherbrooke station on the subway, sort of in between Plateau Mont-Royal and the Quartier Latin, but can go anywhere in the city.


1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

Au Cinquieme Peche
4475 St-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2K8, CA

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  1. couple of options all are walking distance of there.

    La Porte

    La Porte Restaurant
    3627 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2V5, CA

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        1. re: auberginepamplemousse

          Au Cinquieme Peche is less expensive than Laloux.

          Au Cinquieme Peche
          4475 St-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2K8, CA

          1. re: thomasein

            Yes, Au Cinquieme Peche is not really in the price category of those others listed.

            For an unassuming, but lovely French bistro meal, I really like Justine Bistro a Vin on St-Denis.

            Au Cinquieme Peche
            4475 St-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2K8, CA

    1. Your reservation is made, but wouldn't Le Poisson rouge be a good choice for fish? It is right opposite Lafontaine Park, so a pretty view if you get a seat by the window.

      1201, rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC, H2J 2J8

      Le Poisson Rouge is a byow, so make sure to take a good white and perhaps a split of sparkling wine.

      Another, and different, option, would be Pinxto, a Basque tapas place on Roy, even closer to the Sherbrooke métro station (though le Poisson Rouge certainly isn't far). Lots of nice fishy things there too.

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      1. re: lagatta

        I went to Le Poisson Rouge once and was deeply disappointed. My salmon had a mushy texture.

        Pinxto on the other hand was a lot of fun and delicious to boot when I tried it.

        1. re: eoj

          Was that recently, eoj? Le Poisson Rouge had really gone downhill, but the new management is supposed to have turned it around. I haven't been there since she took over, has anyone? Friends who went there not long ago liked it - they really wanted a good, fishy place to take the bottles of good white they had brought back from Alsace.

          1. re: lagatta

            No, it was some time ago now (probably a couple years). Naturally I had no desire to return.

      2. Another option is to eat after 10pm....there are quite a few top restaurants that offer a 20 dollar table dhote after 10

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        1. re: kpaxonite

          Lemeac has a 2 course meal for 22$ after 10pm. Everything on the menu looked delicious, difficult to choose!

          1. re: SourberryLily

            I didn't get a chance to see the rest of the posts before we left, so we went to Restaurant Laloux. I have to say that it didn't have an especially romantic feel for me. It was fairly loud and bright, which would be good in other circumstances, but we were hoping for something quieter and more intimate.

            Restaurant Laloux
            250 Av Des Pins E, Montreal, QC H2W1P3, CA

            1. re: auberginepamplemousse

              For next time, I think you'd really like Au Cinquieme Peche, which is smaller and more intimate feeling. Same goes for Justine Bistro a Vin.

              Au Cinquieme Peche
              4475 St-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J 2K8, CA