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Aug 24, 2010 03:29 PM

Food processors (again)

After reading about a half dozen threads on this board, at first I thought I would get one of the 3 cup Cuisinarts with the diverter (that lets you shred/slice into an external bowl so the small capacity isn't such a problem)

But on thinking more on it, I don't think this is going to be enough capacity since I also really want to be able to make Buckeyes and gyro meat in it. A pound of ground beef is 2.5 c cooked (roughly) and I assume a pound of lamb will be about the same, eg already too much for that model.

Then I stumbled across this:

Kitchenaid 7 c refurb, about the same price as the 3c Cuisinart.

My last (and first) FP was a Cuisinart. I can't find it. I know that's weird but there it is. I have ALL the disks for that thing too. I cannot remember what model it is, I've had it for 25 years. But honestly I've never used more than a couple of the disks and the blades.

However, this Kitchenaid apparently comes with only 1 reversible disk for shredding and slicing, and in fact that's all they actually make for it.

If anybody has this, what can and can't you do with this one disk?

Basically I want this to be able to handle the gyro meat (basically pureeing 1 lb of ground lamb), mix buckeyes (1 lb xxx sugar, 1 18 oz jar peanut butter, 1 stick softened butter, 1 T vanilla). I'd LIKE to be able to make roughly matchstick size pieces of ginger and carrots for stir fry but I wonder if that's even possible with just the one disk. I want to be able to slice onions.

For another $40 I could go to the Cuisinart 7c FP which DOES make extra disks. Of course the extra disks cost more money on top of that.

Trying not to go overboard here, but I would like to maximize usability. I was shocked that the 7c Kitchenaid doesn't have any extra accessories.

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  1. I would buy the largest cheapest best quality processor that you can afford. I never have enough room in mine which is 12 Cup!

    Remember they look big but most you can only fill up to 2/3rds with liquid.

    Making pastry is a breeze but most will only handle the dough for one pie

    A wide mouth model will take whole potatoes and tomatoes - you dont have to slice first.

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      1. Not possible. I need to know how much use I can get out of the thing I can actually afford.

        I never used the food processor I had to its full capacity, and I think that was only 10 or 11c

        Bigger is not always necessary, and I apparently don't do the same kind of cooking you guys do.

        But thanks for the input.