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Family-Friendly near Embarcadero

MK in Berkeley Aug 24, 2010 02:56 PM

I have family visiting SF, and I'm looking for suggestions for dinner for 9 people (4 adults, 5 kids ranging from 6-12) near BART for Friday evening. My kids will just be finishing their first week of school and hauling over from the East Bay, and the other kids will be on their last day of vacation and getting ready to get on a plane early next morning, so I'm looking for something easygoing and casual, but not burgers and chicken nuggets. Thanks!

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  1. Windy RE: MK in Berkeley Aug 24, 2010 03:31 PM

    Delancey Street is an especially good choice for families. The food isn't fancy, but I like the bbq chicken and ribs with speed potato pie.

    Parking is easy unless there's a ball game.

    Delancey Street Restaurant
    600 Embarcadero St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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    1. re: Windy
      MK in Berkeley RE: Windy Aug 24, 2010 03:50 PM

      Thank you for the suggestion. I'll look into it, but (fyi) the map that came up with your reply is not accurate for some reason. It shows the location as north of Market, but it's actually south of Market, and substantially further from BART.

      1. re: MK in Berkeley
        Windy RE: MK in Berkeley Aug 24, 2010 03:56 PM

        It's at Brannan and the Embarcadero, an easy and scenic walk.

    2. c
      cvhound RE: MK in Berkeley Aug 24, 2010 04:02 PM

      Farmer Brown is an easy walk from the Powell station but it can get pretty loud on a Friday night. Not sure of your price point, but both Scala's Bistro and E&O Trading Company might also fit your criteria. If you're open to eating at a chain restaurant, Bucca de Beppa is an easy walk from the Powell station.

      I know you said no burgers, but what about Taylor's Refresher in the Ferry Building? I think they changed the name to Gott's Burgers? Taylor's is an easy walk from the Embarcadero Bart station and I think everyone in your group could find something they'd like to eat on the menu. Easy seating indoors or outdoors. Plus, you could go walking along the water after dinner.

      Scala's Bistro
      432 Powell St., San Francisco, CA 94102

      Farmer Brown
      25 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

      1. m
        ML8000 RE: MK in Berkeley Aug 24, 2010 04:34 PM

        Perhaps Fog City Diner....kid friendly food and grown-up food as well.

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        1. re: ML8000
          Pei RE: ML8000 Aug 25, 2010 11:14 AM

          I second this. It's a fun space, service is great, and the mac n' cheese I had for lunch one time was AMAZING. Three kinds of cheese, gooey and mild enough for kids but sophisticated enough for adults, and topped with a crunchy bread topping. And the bartender told me not to miss the bloody marys next time.

          Houston's would also be good, but a little less casual perhaps.

        2. m
          mrs bacon RE: MK in Berkeley Aug 25, 2010 08:36 AM

          Maybe Hillstone (formerly Houston's)?

          1. 512window RE: MK in Berkeley Aug 25, 2010 10:03 AM

            Plouf for mussels and fries. You can sit outside and it's near BART.

            40 Belden Place, San Francisco, CA 94104

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