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Aug 24, 2010 02:53 PM

Where to find Cacciucco alla Livornese?

I am heading to Tuscany for 5 days and am staying near Castellina in Chianti. Have been doing there research for where to eat out, but have not seen any comments on where to find Cacciucco... any suggestions?

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  1. Maybe in Pisa - at a seafood restaurant.

    1. like Zerlina says. Its a regional seafood dish, from Livorno on the coast. so you are rather unlikely to find it elsewhere. Inland where the cuisine is mostly land based or around Lake Trasimeno using the local fresh water fish - there are restaurants in cities such as Florence and Siena that specialize in seafood, also the international cuisine/expensive restaurants that one finds with Michelin or Gambero rosso stars may offer seafood dishes - but not regional dishes such as cacciucco.


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        Hmmm, given that I fly in and out of Pisa - maybe that is the best option. Just want to make the most of my eating experience and a wide range of food while I am there

      2. Chianti and Livorno are gastronomically two different planets. Go to the coast around Livorno for cacciucco. Pisa is a mortal enemy of Livorno so you might not find it there, or this being the 21st century, you might. Maybe Viareggio, Elba certainly.

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          If you are still reading, here are some places that serve Cacciucco in Livorno. The single exception serves a chicken rabbit soup under the same name..

          Hope you report back - Livorno looks like it might be an interesting tho not bucolic side trip.