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Aug 24, 2010 01:40 PM

Seeking Dublin Restaurants Parnell Square

I'll be in Dublin for a long weekend end of September. Anything interesting? Thanks very much.

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  1. Well, the obvious choice is Chapter One, but without knowing your budget and any other constraints, it is very hard to respond to such a vague request. Have you done a search on this board for Dublin(go back a couple of years to get the most results)? How about Michelin, Frommer's and Menupages? There is not a huge amount of information on CH, but along with these others you should be able to get some ideas, and you might then be able to ask more specific questions.

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      Sorry about the lack of details. Chapter One looks promising. Basically, i'm looking for a good, solid home cookin' kind of place. We ate at a restaurant in Doolin about two years ago called Bruach Na Haille. I don't think Brunet and Oberle are there any more. Hope i'm wrong-- salmon right off the boat, simple preparation, great wine list. That's the target. Thanks very much.

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        Take a look at my postings from 2 years ago:

        We will be going to Dublin next month for 2 days and the places we will be having dinner will be Pearl Brasserie and One Pico. Of the places we went on the last trip, Pearl was the best for overall enjoyment (considering value for money).

        I think you might really enjoy Locks. Of the places we tried, it was the most like home cooking, though done with flair. They are really passionate about the quality of ingredients and serious about cooking. Chapter One, though very expensive, is head and shoulders above the rest, but I would not describe it as home-style at all.

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          Locks actually closed earlier this year. It has been taken over by the guys behind Pearl Brasserie and will reopen before Christmas.

          Winding Stair is a decent bet for home style cooking but very good quality. It's only a ten minute walk from Parnell Square. I think you'll enjoy Chapter One also.

    2. Chapter One - but start booking now!

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        I'm booked at Chapter One (yes, spend-y, but, unfortunately, i don't get to Dublin that often). I'll try at least one of the other places noted. Thanks all for your help.