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Aug 24, 2010 01:21 PM

Kosher SUBWAY in NY or NJ

Are there any kosher SUBWAY's in either NY or NJ?

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  1. Two that I know of - Flushing and Cedarhurst.


    Cedarhurst: has a discussion on it already for the address

    Check the archives and/or Google and you might find others (but the Brooklyn one has closed to my awareness).

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    1. re: tamarw

      The Cedarhurst Subway is no longer kosher. I can't see how they can make money being in the heart of the frum community. There is another non-kosher one not too far away so I find it strange.

      1. re: MartyB

        Interesting, thanks for the update.

        I wasn't a fan of the Cedarhurst one, to be honest. I got a meatball marinara there once and it didn't taste like meatball at all. The Flushing location had much better quality food.

      2. re: tamarw

        I was in the Flatbush one about a year ago. The people were very nice but the food wasn't great. I have been to the Subways in Los Angeles and Cleveland and liked the food better. Basically Subway is overpriced deli.

      3. There is a kosher Subway in Queens, on Jewel Avenue and Main Street.

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