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Aug 24, 2010 12:58 PM

London Breakfast's near Sofitel St. James?


Any recommendations for breakfasts near the Sofitel St. James? Nothing posh required at all....just must be delicious.

Thanks in advance

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    1. I prefer Cecconi's to the Wolseley because it is a bit more chill for breakfast.

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      1. Hi

        Just one thing to bear in mind. You say "nothing posh required at all" but while the Wolesley and Cecconi's are definitely great restaurants, they certainly are posh! Very business oriented - in both you will see a lot of suits for breakfast. And at both you would do well to make a reservation if you want to guarantee a table.

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          oh well then! we really don't want posh. we are looking for a simple and quick but god breakfast before we head off for the day. Our lunches and dinners (thanks to all the chowhounds on this board) are amazing so breakfast should be quick and light and NOT posh!!

          1. re: docrck

            Difficult, because you're staying in a posh area ( I assume, not sure where Sofitel St James is). Perhaps buy some fruit in Fortnum's and eat it in your hotel room or St James's Park, depending on the weather? Or walk to Chinatown and get a bun.

        2. Automat is nearby, although I'm not sure if they are open for breakfast. It's not posh and the menu is varied.