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Aug 24, 2010 12:08 PM

Camden ME--Natalie's or Francine?

BF and I have just one, midweek, night to dine in Camden. We're hoping for a romantic evening with fantastic food. Francine seems to fit the bill for the latter, but I'm concerned about tight quarters and noise level. Porch tables look a little more promising...?

Natalie's is the obvious choice for ambience, and the a la carte menu has many items of interest. Are the food and service really all that? Don't mind spending the money, but want a very special experience.

BTW, checked menu for Hartstone that night and it's not appealing. Am open to other suggestions but must be in downtown Camden; driving is not an option.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We have the same question. Would greatly appreciare any thoughts. Thanks

    1. You can't go wrong food-wise with either. Natalie's has a fancier presentation, it's a white-tablecloth dining room and yet casual--no dress code, nothing frou frou or pretentious; jazz (usually) in the background. Francine is more bistro like; it's boisterous, fun, and tables are tight. Can seem like everybody knows each other, and cross-table chatter can increase the volume.

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      1. If I focus on the romance angle, I'll have to go with Natalie's. I've had a couple very special evenings there. The place is smartly designed, and still kind of funky. And the food is just incredibly well prepared. Very impressive, that place.

        1. Natalies defnitely has the larger, more imaginative menu....and I think a more "romantic " ambience. Does larger and more imaginative mean better food...not necessarily...but I don't think you'll go wrong at either place on that front.

          1. Thanks, everyone! I've reserved at Natalie's. Looking forward to it and will report back.