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More Pizza Coming To White Plains

A new pizzeria is coming to White Plains, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. All I can say from those who have been to the one in Wilmington, DE and Palm Beach, FL is that's it's great. Now we'll have to wait and see and I'm sure we'll hear from all the pizza connoisseurs. http://anthonyscoalfiredpizza.com/maps2

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    1. re: kaaaassss

      Can anyone say olive garden?? Just what we need more chains!! I do admit the wings description does sound good on the menu. maybe it's going in where Zanaro's was??

      1. re: cubanat

        A chain called Buffalo hot wings is going in the Zanaro's space. They have one in Port Chester and one in New Rochelle.

        1. re: kaaaassss

          Oh yeah I forgot about that one! Thanks for the reminder. Maybe across the street where that short lived trattoria was in the ritz building...

        2. re: cubanat

          Yes, why do I have a hard time believing that a Florida pizza chain has good pizza?

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            the spot is 265 main street its a chain rest the pizza guy is named michaelangelo he is a good man but there are 20 anthonys pizza grills and he cant be at all of them, he will use all sysco foods products and the coal oven will help but it will still be crap buffalo wild wings will take over the zannerros old spot thats another chain store tvs wings and kids white plains is not gonna be a place to dine but a bunch of frozen food using chain storesthat will eventually put the indy restaurant owners out .

            1. re: moron66

              I don't know where you got your facts from but this from the website: http://anthonyscoalfiredpizza.com/ant...
              The place didn't even open and you already gave a negative review!!! What do you consider excellent pizza in Westchester?

              1. re: JohnAM

                I checked the website and it seems to be across the street from Walmart on main street. There is a group of stores that are closed and they have the windows blocked out with paper. It is the right address. White Plains has many pizza restaurants and none of them are outstanding so hopefully the newcomer will be.

                1. re: JohnAM

                  i dont eat pizza its just all dough with cheese and sause to me ,but i know how chains operate and the ingredients will not lend itself to be a good product..what do you want them to say on there website?we serve glorified frozen pizza.i dont do reviews and if you and everybody else wants to eat there go get it .its just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions

                  1. re: JohnAM

                    Haven't been to Anthony's yet but I would rate it against Johnny's in Mt. Vernon, John's in NYC, Pepe's or Modern in New Haven (not Yonkers). LaManda's in Elmsford and Ariano's Trattoria in Mahopac have got a nice pies as well.

          2. I live in Westchester and could not be more excited! Begrudgingly went to the Anthony's in Boca Raton when visiting my in-laws. It was amazing!. Nothing like Olive Garden. This is from someone who makes her own pizza. I go to Motorino in the East Village (the very best) and have been on a pizza pilgrimage to Naples. I am very fussy. Anthony's is really good!

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            1. re: samka

              Ratings & Review
              Food Decor Service Cost
              “It’s smokin’!” declare devotees of the “tasty” coal-fired–oven pizza at this “no-frills” chain whose “limited menu” also features “wings with pizzazz” and “salads big enough for two”; even if the “well-done” pies are deemed “burnt” by some, most salute the “crispest crusts imaginable” and happily brave “daunting waits” to savor them.

              1. re: samka

                Have you been to Bertucci, and if so how does it compare? I've been to the one in Marlton, NJ and think it's very good, for a chain restaurant. (and I too love Motorino and have eaten pizza in Naples).

                795 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590

                1. re: JanRan

                  I have never been to Bertucci but my husband has been to both and he said it doesn't compare to Anthony's. He said Anthony's was "a million times better." Anthony's has a really small menu. My parents who were there also said they had amazing wood-oven chicken wings. I did not have those. If I remember correctly it is basically pizza, salads and chicken wings.

                  795 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590

                  1. re: samka

                    We haven't been to Bertucci's in a few years but we always enjoyed eating there. There is one in Danbury, CT.

                    795 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590

                  2. re: JanRan

                    Went to Anthony's a couple of weeks ago, and was not impressed. I think Bertucci's is much better pizza...the only one I've ever been to is in Martlon, NJ.

                    795 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590

                  3. re: samka

                    Hmmmm, pretty good recommendation. Maybe I'll give it a try!

                  4. So ... did anyone go tonight? Trying to walk home past it tonight, the place was mobbed and loud. I can't comment on the food as of yet, but so far, it seems just another pretentious, plastic place whose valet parking is making another mess of the traffic at another point on Main Street. We need individually-owned good-quality "neighborhood" places in downtown White Plains ... not more mall food. (And yes, I do realize that that wish is an impossibility, what with WP rents and the difficulty of keeping any restaurant afloat for more than a year.)

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                      1. re: misspastina

                        Hi misspastina. It's not individually owned, Anthony's is a pretty big chain from Florida. Not to say it won't be good — I'm just letting you know.

                        1. re: Elizabeth Johnson

                          I think that's what she's saying. that we don't need another McPizza that clogs the already bad parking & streets that is downtown WP...

                          1. re: cubanat

                            I know you enjoy posting your snobbish crud here but would you complain if Frank Pepe's opened in WP? They're a chain too, at this point.

                            1. re: MisterBill2

                              I love crud as long as it's wrapped in bacon! I would love it if they (pepe's) opened up one near me as long as it was as good as the original. I don't want to get into the technicalities of what makes a chain resto but just for the record I don't have a problem with all chain/mass market things. I love white castle, five guys burgers & target. I don't eat at target though but they do have some decent candy selections.
                              Basically if the food is good then they will come and eat and I will be in line with the rest of them. Just don't tell me that applebees, olive garden & zanaro's had anything great to offer...

                              1. re: cubanat

                                Applebee's definitely has a better burger than 5 Guys! And they cook rare!!

                      2. tried them for lunch today. think colony (stamford) with a thicker and more bread-like dough cooked and charred *well done* with a sort of fried blistering as both the dough and top have alot of oil. had the pepperoni (more oil). it was very good. definitely not new york style but very good was offered two chicken wings ~seasoned and grilled ,no sauce and sauteed onions to the side. also very good. place is set up like upscale sports bar loud monitors/music . would definitely recommend it. but be forewarned the lunch price is much lower for the same thing as the dinner menu sm. 12" lunch 6.75 and.75 item/ dinner 11.25? and1.50 item. haven't been to bertucci's in years and i vaguely remember liking it. but other than all the young empoyees in uniform wear, there is nothing to make one think this is a chain. btw. mamaroneck village is now to get a frank and fanucci . never thought i could have pizza overdose but getting there *L*

                        1. Tried it and it tasted exactly how bad pizza taste in florida!!! Do not recommend eating anything from there..

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                          1. re: pizzafan1

                            Hmm. I wonder how bad pizza tastes in Florida and if bad pizza tastes any different in, oh, let's say Missouri.

                            We're Anthony's fans and that well-done crust is killer.

                          2. I've had pizza from Anthony's a few times. and it's pretty good. The crust is a little thicker than NYC-style, but it's crisp and not too chewy right out of the oven. If you like your crust blistered and charred - I do - you'll like it. The crust is also a little salty, which I think is a plus - so many pies can be ruined by a bland crust. Sauce and cheese are both fine, though I wish they'd use a touch more sauce - the margherita pie is almost grandma-like.

                            One caveat: the pizza MUST be eaten fresh and hot - once it cools,the crust becomes pretty tough and I don't think it reheats particularly well. Eat in, don't take out.

                            I've also had the chicken wings, and they're terrific. They're massive - one order could easily be an appetizer for two.

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                            1. re: kdgchow

                              Has any one gone for the $5.00 martini and meatball special on Wednesday nights? That combo intrigues me.

                              1. re: lucyis

                                Anthony's pizza has to be eaten hot and fresh because it is a very thin crust.
                                Martini and meatball Wednesday is a fun night. A good bar crowd 30 plus. Any martini is $5.00 all night and they serve free homemade meatballs which are delicious. It works. Good fun, nice people. Try it.

                                1. re: kaaaassss

                                  If the weather is in any way cooperative I fully intend to try it. Thanks, kaaaasss.

                            2. As a former resident of S FL I have eaten at Anthony's a few times down there. Tust me when I say that the "amazing!" Zagat guide review for the S FL Anthony's only reflects the scarcity and low quality of decent food to be had in the area. I mean really: there are only 3 decent places in Boynton Beach to eat and Anthony's isn't 1 of them...at least in my opinion.

                              I much prefer going to Sal's in Mamaroneck for a my pizza fix. Coal fired? OK....but why does the pizza still taste bland? And if you let it cool...well, enjoy your pizza soup.

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                              1. re: BAFU

                                what are the 3 decent places in boyton beach?

                                1. re: raider

                                  Yikes meant to write Delray beach not Boynton Beach!

                                  1. Bamboo Fire
                                  2. Bambo Fire
                                  3. Bamboo Fire.

                                  'nuff said :)

                              2. I've been to Anthony's twice now at White Plains and it rocks. They have signs that warn you the pizza is "well done" and that's the way they make it. Tastes fantastic.

                                I've had the meatball pizzas and loved them.

                                If you like your pizza thin, crispy and very tasty, this is the place to go.

                                No soupiness. Simple menu. Definitely better than Frankie & Fanucci's.

                                Just maneuver your way around the busy nights (i.e. Saturday for sure). Nice place to take the family too.

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                                1. re: PlasticMoonRain

                                  DH and I enjoyed our Martini and Meatball night at the bar. We walked over after an early movie in the City Center. The crowd is friendly and the drinks were poured by a generous hand. The bartender was fast and friendly. The meatballs were good and we even had complimentary cauliflower pizza. Is the pizza the greatest ever pizza? Probably not, but it is good and the value is excellent.

                                  1. re: lucyis

                                    It is a fun and friendly place and the crowd is mature. i was there last night at the bar also with friends.

                                2. I agree there are alot of Pizzeria's in White Plains and Anthony's Coal Oven is a chain and may have a nice setting to have drinks but the food is chain restaurant quality. As all of you are comparing bad pizzerias to each other, I'm assuming you have never had Three Boys From Italy Brick Oven Pizza which is also in White Plains on Mamaroneck Ave. The pizza is the best you will ever have and the dinners and salads are wonderful!!!! Go try it and then you won't even be thinking about the other crappy places in White Plains.

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                                  1. re: gigid

                                    Does Anthony's sell slices or only whole pies?

                                    1. re: menton1

                                      Anthony's only does whole pies. Probably better that way, because I don't think individual slices of their pies reheat that well.

                                      As for Three Boys From Italy, their margherita slices are very good - the only problem is they can be a little dry upon reheating. I've gotten chicken parm as well - it's good, but the late, lamented Iannelli's remains king of that dish on Mamaroneck Avenue,

                                      1. re: kdgchow

                                        I would have to disagree with that but we will agree to disagree, after all if it was that good he would still be in business....just saying.

                                    2. re: gigid

                                      Three Boys from Italy is fine. It's good. Didn't knock my socks off. And I ate there with my wife right there on the premises. Like Frankie & Fanucci's -- it's very good.

                                      Anthony's is not a national chain. As a matter of fact, looks like outside of Floria, there are about a half dozen branches.

                                      The bottom line is -- is the food any good, regardless of how many branches they have?

                                      And to me, they beat any pizza place in White Plains or Frankie & Fanucci's because of their "well-done" crust. That's their trademark and it serves them well. We're going again with another family on Sunday evening, gigid, because in our experience, it's the best in the area and we all like that style of pizza, regardless if they have a dozen outlets in Florida.

                                      One more thing worth pointing out -- there really isn't a correlation between food being great and the place being in business or not. While serving good food always helps, there are myriad reasons for going out of business, like exorbitant leases, better opportunities, location issues and a lousy economy for the last few years.

                                      1. re: PlasticMoonRain

                                        Agreed. 3 boys was ok but nothing to run back for. I did not like F & F at all.

                                        1. re: PlasticMoonRain

                                          Hi Plastic,
                                          I go to F and F quite often. I always order my pies well done, with extra sauce and extra basil. Just thought that might help you to enjoy future FF pies.