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Aug 24, 2010 11:20 AM

Request Restaurant Recommendations for Oregon Road Trip

From Portland we plan on going on 26 east to Mt. Hood, then up 35 to the Columbia River, then east a bit on 84 and 30 to southbound 97. We'll go south on 97 to the Bend area. From there we will do a Cascades Loop on the Cascades Highway west and 46 south then 43 east back to 97. Last leg is south on 97 to Crater Lake, then southwest on 62, west on 234, then south and west on 238 to return to I-5 to go home north to Seattle. We know good food along the I5 corridor in Washington, but open to recommendations for the Roseburg to Portland stretch. But most importantly, we have never been to the interior of Oregon, so looking for good food along the scenic drives above. If it's more helpful to list the cities we will go through, I can do that too. Thanks so much!

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  1. There are threads that discuss Hood River, Bend, and Medford/Grants Pass. The rest are towns, not cities. I've tried taquerias and taco trucks in Hood River and Madras, with mixed results.

    1. only places to eat in Madras are Mexican, which some are very good. Any other food genre there is slim pick'ns. The Cross Creek Cafe in Redmond is good sandwiches and beer selections. Bend is where its at when it comes to food choices. Pick any locally owned joint and you wont be disappointed. For a quick burger stop, Pilot Butte Drive Inn has the best burgers and shakes, you also can go wrong with Bends 1 of 7 (6 of them you can eat at) brewaries. Here is a link to one of the food critics that can give you some insite.


      Cross Creek Cafe
      507 SW 8th St, Redmond, OR 97756

      1. You seem to be on a secenic byway quest, but from Crater Lake may I suggest heading SW on county'forest/state roads
        thru the Sky lakes wilderness to
        (You just keep going on DI Rd., if I type in an Ashland address it routes thru 62).
        Then you'd be in food central for Southern Oregon. From Ashland/Talent, (if you hit new sammy's), it's an easy shot to Jacksonville

        and taking 238 thru the Applegate & wineries,
        coming out in GP.

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          We were in Hood River a few weeks ago, Full Sail Brewing Co. was very good for a casual meal. If you are around Talent, do NOT miss a meal at New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro. Ashland also has some great places: Peerless, Chateaulin, Lark's, Liquid Assets Wine Bar, Winchester Inn and Amuse are all very good. :)

          New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro
          2210 S Pacific Hwy, Talent, OR 97540

          Chateaulin Restaurant
          50 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520

          Winchester Inn
          35 S 2nd St, Ashland, OR 97520

          Liquid Assets Wine Bar
          96 N Main St, Ashland, OR 97520

        2. Tacompton, bbqboy and syrahgirl - thank you This was just what I was looking for. And thanks bbqboy for the alternative route suggestion, an added bonus. Yes, we just plucked this route from a scenic byways book after having to change our plans (originally a hiking trip, but I've broken my foot) so am settling for visuals from the car. This is last minute and I didn't have alot of time to plan the food part, so again, thanks.

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          1. re: lbsowen

            everything in Ashland is within a few blocks DT, for the most part, so your foot shouldn't be a problem. Check out Lithia Park and Shakespeare. Green show is always free.
            In Albany, we've always loved Novaks , Breakfast lunch and dinner + pastries and stuff.

            1. re: bbqboy

              Ps. If you are taking your trip fairly soon, you will be treated to the amazing sunsets C. Oregon is having right now due to the numerous wildfires. If in bend for a sunset, i would suggest Pilot Butte (not to be confused with the drive inn).

          2. Don't believe the mantra that the only good food in Central Oregon is in Bend. In Redmond you will be more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of food, and reasonable prices, at Diego's, Coyote Ranch, Chloe's, Madaline's, Brickhouse, ... I'm sure I missed somewhere.

            Each of the above has an excellent chef preparing food in uninspired surroundings - except maybe Brickhouse, which did a pretty fancy remodeling before opening a year or two ago.

            Tonight, at Madeline's: Two martini's - poured as doubles - one lobster pasta entreƩ, one catfish entreƩ with an excellent sauce that I confess I can't identify, and baked potato (side plate of butter, sour cream, chives, bacon, shredded cheddar). Chips and salsa when you sit down; as I said, the ambiance disavowes the quality of the food and service. $39 + tip.

            It's good to live near Redmond OR.

            The address below for Brickhouse: right street address, but Redmond, not Metolius.

            Coyote Ranch
            1368 S Highway 97, Redmond, OR 97756

            412 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756