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Aug 24, 2010 11:11 AM

New Japanese in East Norriton - Nama........?

A new Japanese BYOB has opened in the old Blue Sky Cafe space in the hillcrest shopping center. has anyone heard anythgin about it? or better yet been? I'm not even sure when it opened.

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  1. To open a Japanese restaurant literally 100 yards across the street from Minado sounds like a death wish.

    And to all those who criticize Minado, I've been there on a Friday evening with a packed house of overwhelmingly Asian clients. It can't be that inauthentic.

    Good luck to the new kids on the block. They'd better have something REALLY interesting to compete with their neighbors and Blue Fin down the pike.


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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      I agree with everything word you just said. HA.

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        It wouldnt take much to be better than Minado. Keep in mind that people flock to all kinds of quantity over quality places; to each his own.
        Blue Fin is hard to get into, even on a week night unless you plan way ahead, so I think there is plenty of room for more good Japanese food.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I've been there several times,is realy great sushi should try their pop roll is realy emmm yummy...and their sashimi is realy fresh and huge..I think their food is me more likely sushi fussion tipe..they have raw bar also...and one more thing their ck satay is the best right taste I realy enjoy all that...while I watch the game over there...nice place to hang out..good luck to new comer....

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            Well, whatever happened, Minado, bad management or rotten luck, its over already.

            I thought I'd give it a try for lunch today but its closed with a bunch of unretrieved mail on the floor of the entrance foyer.