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Aug 24, 2010 11:06 AM

Arlington Recommendation -- Escape from Conference at National Airport

I am going to be in Washington for a meeting on Thursday/Friday in the Crowne Plaza near National airport. I would like to escape for a nice dinner on Thursday night. Because Arlington is close, I figured that would be the easiest thing. I'd like someplace that won't have a problem with a single diner, has a nice vibe, great food, but not crazy expensive (under $50 w/o drink). I don't really have a preference for type of food. I really like anything.

Thanks so much

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  1. Jaleo in Crytstal City (near you) for Spanish tapas by the famed Jose Andres. Spinach with raisins and apples, baby wrinkled potatoes, cucumbers stuffed with tomato and cheese, mushrooms with garlic and herbs, and the grilled asparagus in romesco sauce are among so many great dishes.

    1. Portofino serves up a very nice Italian meal. It's on 23rd & Eads opposite Crystal City's towers across Route 1. There are also some good casual options in the same neighborhood, to include Kabob Palace (awesome take-away) and Cafe Pizzaiolo (busy/noisy but quality pizza).

      1. What about Rays the Steaks?