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Aug 24, 2010 10:49 AM

Bham (Vestavia) - Maria's Mexican

Some folks on urbanspoon seem to love this place in Vestavia. Anyone here been? Anything special?

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  1. I've been for Mariachi night (Sunday). Great band.
    I found the food to be pretty good for a standard Mexican restaurant, not too gringoized but not exactly authentic either. I judge Mexican restaurants by their carnitas, and their version was just roasted pork, not the real thing.
    But their house-made flour tortillas were awesome! I got extras just to take home with me.
    Others in my party were warm to lukewarm on their food.
    Another good sign: Lots of Mexicans were eating there.
    Now for the downside: Pay close attention to your check if you go. We were grossly overcharged, not only for what we got but also based on discounts they offered but did not include on our check.
    It was Father's Day and the two fathers in our group did not get the advertised half-off. It was Sunday and our one child who ordered from the kiddie menu did not get the advertised free meal. Some items on the check had higher prices for them than on the menu.
    I'd go back for the food. But you can bet I'll closely scrutinize the check.

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      Sadly, that kind of thing is all I need to hear about a place to steer clear....

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        @curej: agreed.

        BTW, isn't that location like the death knell of so many restaurants? If this is where I'm remembering (at the motel that occasionally has the Florida oranges truck outside) it's been a half-dozen Mexican restaurants and had a couple of Southern-style places just in the last five or six years. Am I right?

        There was a spot in Crestline, in the little shopping center across from La Paz (it's the space in the corner, right by Starbucks) that had a succession of flops until Golden Rule moved in. They seem to have done pretty well there though.

        La Paz Restaurant
        99 Euclid Ave, Birmingham, AL 35213

        Golden Rule
        81 Church St, Birmingham, AL 35213