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Aug 24, 2010 10:46 AM

Veggie options in Detroit and etc...

Coming to Michigan area with 26 y.o. son to visit family late Sept. (23rd to 28th) Was last in town 3 years ago..staying with family in Farmington / Bloomfied area. Grew up in Detroit. Moved to Los Angeles in 1977. Looking for "must" go to locations that have veggie and or vegan options (fish is ok). Son eats meat or veggie..we are familar with all the "old" haunts..coneys, deli , franklin cider mill etc.. Since we live in LA ..mexican and most asian places are not necessary on our radar, Looking for frozen custard IS A MUST...

We our ending our Michigan stay in Ann Arbor for a day..any suggestions to fill a Tues. till 5:00 pm (when ride to airport gets off of work in Yispi )..movies would be ok too


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  1. Seva in downtown Ann Arbor is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. It's been around forever and has many fans, veggie and not. Is it a must go spot...I don't know. but it is welcoming and a bit of a throwback,

    Nearby is Earthen Jar which is an vegetarian Indian buffet with vegan options. It is very collegy and funky and yummy. You pay by the pound.

    For things to do in Ann Arbor--will you have a car? You will need one to get to the movies--or take a cab. Other options--the new Art museum on campus is very nice, and the Natural History Museum, also on campus, is cool, esp. if you have younger people with you. The Kelsey Archeology museum has also been redone, but I haven't been.

    There are also many cafes and shops you could just hang out in while awaiting your ride. IF you want greenspace NIchol's Arboretum is lovely any time of the year and is walkable from downtonw and campus.

    Seva Restaurant
    314 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Earthen Jar
    311 S 5th Ave Ste 1, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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      thanks sound great ...not sure about car pizza bobs still around?

      1. re: dendet

        bob's is still around as far as I know. new owners took over, oh about 10 years ago maybe, but a lot of the old favorites are still there, such as the Favorite, the LSDelight, Sister Hazel, etc., and the shakes are still good.

    2. Middle eastern restaurants generally have quite a few veggie options. While you're a bit of a drive from the ME motherlode in Dearborn, there are still lots of choices out your way. I'd recommend Pineland, at 12 mile & Farmington.

      Zingerman's in AA is definitely a "must go" kind of place. You can check out their menu for veggie options at
      For Ann Arbor activities, assuming you're downtown, I'd second the campus museums recommendation. For another option, if you're interested in architecture, you can download podcasts and/or maps from the AIA website and do a self-guided tour.

      Frozen custard: my only recommendation is across town: Erma's, on Auburn Rd in Utica. They also have a second location at 14 mile & Dequindre.

      1. In the Farmington area (Drake and Grand River) is a small place selling all vegetarian Indian street food, called Nee Hee. I think it's in an Indian grocery. I haven't been but it's on my "must go to soon" list. There's frozen custard at Stuart's on 10 and Meadowbrook in Novi.

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          There's another Neehee on Ford Rd. in Canton, 20 min. from Ann Arbor. Very good.

          1. > Looking for frozen custard IS A MUST...

            Saveur picked Shatila's ice cream as one of the Top-10
            in the country. I happen to agree.




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              thanks all for the tips...some good looking ones

            2. re: NeeHee's ...

              Three weeks ago I stopped on my way home from DTW. While waiting for my to-go order, I noticed that the mushroom sandwich was not listed on the order. I went back to the register and corrected the oversight.

              ~10 mins later my number is called. I take my food and leave without checking the contents. Shame on me. When I arrive home and begin unpacking, no mushroom sandwich. I know what happened. I am certainly not driving 22+22 more miles to retrieve something that should by now be in the trash. My bad.

              Last week; I'm on my way home from DTW, again. I make my usual stop at NeeHee's. The manager mentions the prior snafu and asks, "would like my mushroom sandwich with this order?" I am simply gobsmacked that:

              1) Anyone remembered (the sandwich snafu)
              2) Anyone remembered (me)
              3) NeeHee's *immediate* offer to correct a problem for which I was at least 50% responsible.

              Thank you, NeeHee's.

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              1. re: rainsux

                Not surprised. Those guys are really, really sharp.

                My problem with them is distance. There was talk of a Troy location but so far it has not happened. Love to see it as it would at least be closer. They really should come to Midtown, though! Despite the university, the med center and soon the light rail from Downtown, there really is no Indian anything worth mentioning in Midtown. (See also the new, always-busy Go Sy Thai!)

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                  They are in Canton, yes, and it's a royal pain in the tail. I don't for one minute believe the always-present rumors that Neehee's will be "opening soon in Troy". Not until I see an actual building under construction for it will I believe it.