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Aug 24, 2010 10:45 AM

Hors d'oeuvre ideas for wine/cheese party

A friend whom I often eat/chat food with is throwing a wine/cheese party soon. There will be a variety of wines, no central varietal or taste/flavor thread. I would like to bring an hors d'oeuvre, something elegant that will travel well and compliment wine/cheese in general. Could be sweet, savory, cold, hot -- I am open to anything so long as you can sell me on the portability and impressiveness/wow factor it can impart.


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  1. occurs to me that the cheeses are the hors d'oeuvre? Are you positive she wants people bringing other foods?
    Just curious. If you're certain she does, though, why not keep in the cheese theme? You could do a Cantal or Comte cheese tarte with carmelized onions, or make a classic swiss fondue, refrigerate it and then re-melt at her home in the fondue pot/chafing dish, serving up with vegetable and breadstick dippers, neither of which should interfere with any wine - as long as those dippers aren't artichokes, or asparagus.

    1. Basic, same old, same old but can make a pretty presentation:

      shrimp wrapped in bacon w/ jalapeno and brown sugar
      candied bacon
      fruit plate

      A little more:
      tomato tart (or tartlets)
      chorizon filled dates(
      )crostini with figs and prosciutto

      1. Chocolate covered grapes. Super portable. Totally unexpected. People may think they're going to be truffles, and then are shocked when they get a delicious burst of grape. Relentlessly delicious. You can be really crazy and sprinkle with salt or cayenne, but leaving them plain is excellent, too.

        1. I would bring something to accent the cheeses such as a date or walnut bread or maybe some homemade crackers or fig jam in a cool bowl etc.

          1. Grilled Prosciutto wrapped figs with pecans or walnuts, Gorgonzola, Blue. or Marscapone Cheese...accented with honey