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Aug 24, 2010 10:43 AM

What's Happening w/ Zeytinia in Norwalk?

Went in for Zeytinia's food bar today for lunch - and it's in Going Out of Buisness mode. The sign says New Management, but it looks like they're clearing the place out.

Anyone know what's happening?

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  1. thanks for posting since jfood went in two wednesdays ago for some ravioli and Mother Hubbard was overseeing the back area. No meats or fish, fridge with the pastas and stuff was empty and the fruit was less than their normal standards and jfood felt the same thing...last nail in the coffin time.

    just spoke to the "manager"..."it is not zeytinia any more." so jfood asked who is it.. to which she responded, "I am not at liberty to say."

    too bad it was good. hope the new owners get the quality and stock soon.

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    1. re: jfood

      Yes, I went in to buy some vegetables and there was no sign or anything in the window. All the fixtures are still in there but no food at all. I loved that store.

      1. re: Jett456

        Parking was never adequate in the Zeytinia location to support a thriving grocery store. You need to be able to park fast, run in, and leave fast, and between the Big Book Store and the Bad Steak House there never was enuff parking here.

        1. re: shark_attack

          I am in full agreement with you. Even though I really enjoyed some of their products, and it is on my way home, I rarely went there bc the parking situation was so difficult.

    2. Being a very local neighbor, I liked the easy visit to Z's early on. But quality had really slid downhill (very poor looking fish selection) for the past year or so.

      Rumor has it that Trader Joe's is moving in.

      I'll probably regret giving this secret away, but enter the parking lot on the north end, then drive STRAIGHT instead of going into the main area. Z's had a back door open to the public. Very Easy in and out. Maybe the next tenent will keep it.

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        Wow! Great tip! I couldn't stand the parking lot. And yes, now that I know about it, I hope the next tenant keeps it too :-)