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Aug 24, 2010 10:31 AM

ISO - Oyako Don

I am in search of any places that offers Oyako Don in Manhattan. I have a friend who recommended I try it and need to know where to start.

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  1. My favorite is at Tori Shin. If you go, get the special Oyako Don. They cook the chicken over the BIncho Tan (Bamboo Charcoal) to give it an added dimension.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        There is no other choice. Tori Shin is the best yakitori in NYC, maybe outside of Tokyo.

        1. re: sushiman

          sushiman, i noticed another posting by you backing this restaurant... i know this is a crude way of estimating cost, but it sets a point of reference.... if zagat lists yakitori totto with a $46 estimate, what would you list tori shin at? also, how difficult would it be at either to get a reservation for 6 at 8pm on a friday? thanks very much!

          1. re: kikidi

            Here is a link to the menu.

            It all depends on how you eat and drink.

            Fridays are busy, call well ahead.

    1. katsu-hama on 47th has good oyako-don