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Aug 24, 2010 10:26 AM

Outside of Rome

We will be in Rome for a week the last part of October and would like to take a train, rent a car, catch bus for a lunch outside of Rome. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Take the train to Orvieto (just over an hour). Spend the morning visiting the cathedral and strolling the very picturesque town and find a wonderful place to have a nice Umbrian meal. If you like the sound of this, search this board for Orvieto and you'll get lot's of suggestions about where to eat.

    1. Heading south, the Castelli Romani wine country (Nemi, Frascati, Monte Compatri), all about 20km away. Trains from Roma Ostiense, I believe. Fatrher afield, Sperlonga and Terracina on the coast.
      North. Lago di Bracciano, itws most picturesqe town Anguillara Sabazia, also by train from Roma Ostiense. Farther afield north, Viterbo and its medieval quarters..
      All of these places have good tourist web sites.

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        The Castelli are great, but I think are best done with a car. Viterbo is also a very good destination - enough to see to make it worth going there - as well as a meal.

      2. Thank-you, we have been to Orvieto before but never had the opportunity to eat there. As to traveling south of Rome, this is new territory for us and will be investigated

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          Orvieto is a terrific idea - very good restaurants and, as you know, the town has considerable charm (esp. walking the walls). You might consider Viterbo which is easy to get to by train from Termini but offers a unique experience for a short day trip.