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Aug 24, 2010 09:57 AM

kibbeh nayeh?

I hate to be one of the masses for something just because Bourdain showed it to me, but now that I know there is such a thing as raw kibbeh, I must have it. Googling shows me some in NYC, LA, DC, and Philly...surely the Bay Area has one place to get it! If not, I'll try to make it myself, but I'd rather have a professional version to calibrate against first.


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  1. Here are 2 places with kibbeh on the menu, perhaps they can make it for you raw.
    Saha,Beef Kibbeh ground beef, onions, spices, pine nuts and cracked wheat with tomato-prune sauce and leban
    La Mediterranee, Lebanese Kibbeh four pieces of local, grass-fed fresh ground lamb & cracked wheat, seasoned and baked with pine nuts

    1. Apparently this question comes up every 4 or 5 years.

      1. There is a raw kibbeh at the Armenian Gourmet in Sunnyvale - - it's pretty good, but might be slightly tuned to Armenian tastes.

        Armenian Gourmet
        929 E Duane Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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        1. re: pbarry

          ooh great find.

          also, kibbeh nayeh should be made with freshly ground meat from the leg; so the presence of kibbeh on the menu doesn't necessarily indicate the ability to make kibbeh nayah (for example, i made kibbeh last night with 3 pounds of ground beef from safeway, (nowhere else was open) but was in no position to make kibbeh nayah)

          1. re: vulber

            I knew I had seen a reference to this dish recently on this board

            The OP spells it naya and says MAYBE Palmyra might have it, so a possible lead.

        2. Last year I had stopped at Sunnyvale's Armenian Gourmet for lunch. Unfortunately, the raw lamb is only available at dinner time. I ended up with a mixed appetizer plate that was indifferent at best.

          But, just notice that it's on the menu at Arabian Nights. Who's had it?

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            You should call ahead to make sure it's available @ Arabian Nights.

            We went there with a Lebanese friend who was excited to see it on the menu and wanted to order it for the table, but the waiter said it wasn't available that night.

            They also have another raw lamb dish Kafta Nayeh

            1. re: drewskiSF

              Thanks, I've already been disappointed once.

              Any other thoughts on Arabian Nights to add to this thread?

              1. re: drewskiSF

                same thing happened when i went; it just depends when they get their meat delivered. that being said, their fried kibbeh is the best i've had.

                although does anyone know somewhere to get kibbeh sineyeh? (baked kibbeh)