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Aug 24, 2010 09:48 AM

Shaker Village near Harrodsburg

I'll be driving from Knoxville to Shaker Village soon. Any good chow ideas on places to eat? Thanks

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  1. The Drive In in Corbin Kentucky that's near downtown on the old main road (pre-Interstate). Good food, reasonably priced. Worth a slight detour. It's IIRC an old A&W and it's close to the high school.

    1. There is a second, much more upscale restaurant in the Boone Inn in downtown Berea. The Inn is historic and the restaurant in it has good food. From the crowds we've seen there, the locals enjoy it. It's a part of the Berea College system so the staff are on their toes and it's a restful meal. Also plan a stop at the Crafts Center just off the interstate to see the variety of crafts that are available locally.