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Aug 24, 2010 09:46 AM

Restaurant Martin vs. Max's I've read through many of the recent threads about some of the better restaurants in Santa Fe.
My husband and I will be there this weekend and we are planning one AMAZING dinner. We've narrowed it down to Restaurant Martin and Max's. Between the two, which would you choose?
Or am I missing the boat by not considering Geronimo's or The Compound?
Thanks for your feedback!!!

Restaurant Martin
526 Galisteo, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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  1. I can't comment on Martin or Max's, but I was just at Geronimo on Saturday and I was sorely disappointed. Both of my dishes (foie gras and quail) were unbalanced, too sweet and just not good. My husband's choices were better (escargot and elk), but my dad's were also not great (crab cakes and scallops). Both desserts we tried (creme brulee and creamsicle cake) were lackluster. The menu sounds interesting but I felt they really fell short on execution. My parents ate at Martin the night before we all went to Geronimo and they MUCH preferred Martin.

    1. Just wanted to report back to say that we ended up at Max's for dinner and were blown away! The food was inventive, tasty, and whimsical. The staff worked flawlessly together as one cohesive team. Overall it was the best meal we had eaten while in Santa Fe. If you get the chance to eat there......GO!!! You won't be disappointed!

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