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Aug 24, 2010 09:38 AM

(2nd) Date Ideas in Brooklyn (Help needed ASAP!)


Relatively new to the dating scene, especially in brooklyn. I'm looking for a quiet place to go to grab a late dinner/ desert. It's a second date, so I'm not looking to break the bank, but am looking to make a decent impression. It will be at around 8pm or so mid week. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

(i've been on, but there's not a lot of feedback on the places they have!)


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  1. Try El Gaucho, on 18th Ave and E 4th St. Or if you want somewhere out of the way, where you're not likely to be spotted by people you know, try Olga's on Smith, which is on Smith St, oddly enough, between 4th & 5th Sts (nearest subway stop is Carroll St on the F and G). Be aware, however, that Olga usually closes at 9

    1. Cafe Venezia is nice if you're looking for a dairy restaurant.

      Good food, nice atmosphere, not terribly expensive.

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        recently went to Sophie's Bistro (dairy) on Coney Island Avenue between O & P. nice atmosphere (outside area too). Not expensive at all.

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          Is Sophie's Bistro new? What's the menu like?

      2. If you are looking for light dairy or desert only, you may want to consider Orchidea in Boro Park (48th St. and 12th Ave.)

        May you soon be zoche to have your dinners cooked at home by your lovely wife. (That has to be one of the weirdest brochos but hey you never know :)

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          I don't know about weirdest, but certainly sexist. How about a brocha with a more Chowhound mentality, a site where there are many men interested in cooking: May you soon be zoche to have a home where you share the cooking with a wife and have family and friends to share your food with.

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            Even better, how about "may you take your wife out to many fine restaurants until 120"

            1. re: chicago maven

              May you be zoche to bicker over who gets to cook supper tonight because someone finally got around to toiveling the new wok, like I do with my wife.

        2. Try Cafe Hadar on Avenue N & Nostrand. If the weather is nice sit in their garden.

          1. I second the Cafe Hadar rec - laid back vibe and typically open late

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              The pictures make it look so mice on their web site. The garden would be so perfect for a 2nd date. It looks romantic without being stuffy. Have a wonderful time!! Oh yeah thanks mhko for the tip...I may need to drag my hubby to Brooklyn so we can dine in the garden!