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Aug 24, 2010 09:32 AM

Thursday night - casual dining for 6 girls

6 (out of our group of 15) girls will be flying into miami on Thursday evening for the weekend. We are staying at the Gansevoort and are looking for a casual place that is within walking distance of the hotel. We just want good food that isn't going to cost us an arm & a leg and a place we don't need to wear heels to. We have expensive and "sceney" dinners on both Fri & Sat nights. Any good suggestions???

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  1. Lincoln Road (between 16th & 17th St) is a short walk from your hotel (23rd St). There are many casual options there. I had a recent meal at Tiramisu that was surprisingly very good. Cafe Books & Books does some really nice dishes too. Both Tiramisu and Books & Books are great for people watching. Ice Box Cafe is a little further down, on Michigan just off Lincoln and that is a good spot for dinner and they have very good desserts.

    After dinner, there's live music Upstairs @ the Van Dyke which is also on Lincoln. Have fun!

    1. If you're here before they close for the month of September, Indomania (a few blocks north up Collins) is casual, fairly inexpensive and has great Dutch/Indonesian food. I've got some more detailed comments on it here ->

      131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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      1. Thanks so much for the recs!!!