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Aug 24, 2010 09:12 AM

where do buy fresh lard in Denver

Does anyone know where to get lard that is not full of chemicals?

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  1. I have purchased it before at:
    Carniceria Mi Mexico
    4151 East Kentucky Avenue
    Denver, CO 80246

    It is just a little mexican market, but they had fresh lard. It was very roasty and brown....I would cal before I went there, as it has been a couple of years since I purchased it there.

    In spanish, I think it is "Manteca de Cerdo"

    I have also managed to get king sooper to order pork fat before and I rendered my own...

    1. Just saw a container in the fridge at Oliver's market yesterday labeled "Pure Lard" yesterday. Would call ahead first, though.

      1. Why buy when you can make your own for free? In my experience, Whole Foods or any decent butcher will give you their porkfat trimmings for free. Cut them into smallish cubes, put them in a slow cooker, and wait for 12 hours or so. You'll have a pot of fresh, pure lard that you can cook to your desired doneness (white for baking, golden for use in savory dishes). Plus you get the cracklins, and your house smells like heavenly roast pork. Everyone wins!

        1. I'd also check the lard at Rancho Liborio ( and at Carniceria Guadalajara (at 1st and Sheridan). Good luck!