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Aug 24, 2010 08:59 AM

Dutchess County Fair - Can't miss suggestions


I am headed to the Dutchess County Fair this week. Every year, I get so overwhelmed by the choices I end up getting a sandwich at Pete's Famous - ridiculous since one of the restaurants is 5 minutes from my house and I can go there any time.

I am interested in all food but I am going to skip the 4H Milkshake - have that every year and ready to try a new dessert.

What do you suggest?


Pete's Famous Restaurant
34 E Market St Ste 1, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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  1. there's a lengthy thread in the archives about the fair.

    however, i was there earlier today, and the old (really good) roast beef guy is gone. they were out of westfield, nj? or right in that area.

    the new people are from tn, i think? and located in the same spot, but it's different. the options are on the side (no au jus) AND they fry their roast beef after it's sliced, so you don't get as rare as when it's cut.

    good, but not spectacular.

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    1. re: bob gaj

      I am so sad to hear about the roast beef! That was what I was going to try - I am looking for "spectacular" or as close to it for fair food.........bummer!

    2. For my DW and I the one thing that we always get on the way out is the fresh roasted peanuts. They are wonderful when they are still warm, and will sometimes just sit in our car and munch away before we leave the parking lot!

      1. Well the only thing I like is the 4H ice cream.

        1. We went yesterday.

          I would skip the combo plate ($9) at the Polish burger place - kielbasa was undersalted and not very was pretty much everything else including the sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage and the pierogies.

          The pierogies at Millie's were equally disappointing as they were expensive and came out cold/luke warm. We tried the potato and cheese, kielbasa and cabbage. Of the three, we disliked the potato and cheese the least. 3 pierogies cost $4.25 and they charge $.25 for sour cream.

          The Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cakes were great if that's your thing. They make it to order so it comes out piping hot and good.

          The cookie sticks at Taste Budd's were pretty good although not worth $4 in my opinion.

          1. What about deep fried oreos and any other fair type foods? I've never been to a fair before so I'm open to any quintessential fair foods. Thanks!

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            1. re: krystle920

              I don't really know the definition of "fair foods", but here's what I remember seeing that may qualify.

              Griff's Onions which sells those Bloomin' Onion things was also selling deep fried green beans.

              Next door at the potato ribbon fries and sweet potato ribbon fries, they were selling deep fried dil pickles. The ribbon fries looked ridiculously good...topped with cheese, sour cream, chives, bacon and ranch.

              A couple of places were selling homemade root beer and floats. Also a place selling birch beer and making floats with them as well.

              There was a place that specialized in deep fried, batter dipped mushrooms....go figure. They also sold a deep fried vegetable platter as well.

              The funnel cake place also sold deep fried oreos and candy bars. I remember seeing a couple of other places that sold them as well. I've had them before and they are definitely interesting in that warm, gooey, artificially sweet and my butt just gained two pounds as I ate it kind of way.

              Another place was selling only apple crisp cookies. No clue what that is, but that's all they sold other than drinks.

              2 places were selling Mozzarepas, a NYC street fair staple.

              Several places were selling "dough nuggets" made fresh - basically doughnut holes.

              Hope that helps...

              1. re: wagamamababy

                I went on Friday and tried a Benny burger - it was dry and I had to put a lot of ketchup on it. I will cross it off my list! I had a delicious baked potato though and the apple crisp with ice cream was awesome.

                Did anyone try the crabcake sandwich or the pulled pork from Elias? I was sorry that I didn't try one of those.

                1. re: jennbakes37

                  Had a steak sandwich at the Butcher Boys stand, mediocre at best. I find "fair food" hit and miss, what was good last year may not be good this year. If the food wasn't such a big part of going to the fair, I would just eat before I go, but then what would I do there the whole time? LOL