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Aug 24, 2010 08:43 AM

Toronto CHound looking for fried whole belly clams in the Cape

I'm from Toronto but have spent a lot of time in the Cape over the last 35 years. I'm coming down for a week this coming weekend. Please tell me where I can get the best fried whole belly clams in the Cape, anywhere from the Canal to Ptown. Many thanks !!

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  1. Last month I sought out the best fried clams over a few days in a limited area. Sir Cricket's in Orleans were very good. Arnold's in Eastham were very, very good, the clams themselves were a bit sweeter and more complex than Sir Crickets, though the coating was comparable.

    The best however were at Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis, truly the tastiest and most well-rounded order of fried clams I have had in several years. They were briny, full-bellied, had crispy and non-greasy coating, and were truly outstanding. The french fries were also the best I experienced anywhere this season.

    I can't speak for other parts of the Cape this season, however.

    Sesuit Harbor Cafe
    357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

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      I too prefer Arnold's over Sir Crickets for clams. But i prefer Sir Crickets over Arnolds for fried scallops lol--Sir Crickets scallops are just so much sweeter than all the local competition. I haven't been to Sesuit Cafe in a looooong time so i can't throw them into my comparative mix.

    2. I've had more samplings of fried clams this summer than I care to admit. That said, the absolute best I've had (twice) were at Marathon Seafood in West Dennis on Rte 28. Always perfectly cooked, they have a special "something" in the coating that no one else on the Cape duplicates that gives them a little extra crunch, yet is not at all greasy. The whole belly plate is a reasonable $14.95 and comes with a heap of crispy fries and a load of thin sliced onion rings. I ask for big bellies and they always accomodate the request, something no other place has been willing to do. I compare these to Cooke's in Hyannis, while very good, they are also very expensive at $18.95 and last time the portion was small for the price and they were undercooked and a bit limp. I've also tried Sir Crickets (good), The Clam Shack in Falmouth (very good) and Seafood Sams in Yarmouth (cheap but lousy). Admittedly, I haven't made it to Sesuit Cafe or Arnold's this season, but past visits, although very good, were well short of what one gets at Marathon, IMHO.

      Marathon Seafood Restaurant
      231 Main St, West Dennis, MA 02670

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        Went to Sesuit Cafe for the first time this season and split an excellent Lobster roll (15.95) and luncheon size clam plate (13.95) The clams were quite good, and as usual enhanced by the scene of sitting on the jetty watching the boats come and go. But Marathon still wins the clam "battle". The lobster roll is very generous for the price. A tad too much mayo, but not enough to ruin it. Comes with basic fries and a decent slaw.