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Aug 24, 2010 08:42 AM

5 days in Tuscany - Please critique my current plan - worried it is too ambitious

My boyfriend and I are heading to Italy for 5 days during the last weekend of August. We are staying at a Farm near Castellina in Chianti. Niether of us have been to the area, but have come up with a last minute plan. Suggestions comments would be greatly appreciated. I am a bit worries that my plan is too ambitious.

27 August

- Arrive in Pisa at 10:00am and pick up the rental car.
- Drive to Lucca, and spend half day there with Lunch at Buca di San Antonio prior to heading to Castellina in Chianti. (Is it worth doing a detour to Lucca?)
- Evening relax at the hotel followed by dinner at Solociccia or Vescovino in Panzanno.
28 August

- Spend the day in Florence - walk around the city and go to the duomo. (Given that I have not made any advanced bookings for the museums, I think I will have to give this a miss till my next trip. )
- Lunch at a stall - maybe just grab some lamperdotto?
- Dinner at Sostanza or Trattoria Cibereo?

29 August
- Cycle tour around Chianti - have booked this with a tour group and it starts at Gaiole includes a visit to Castello di Brolio.
- Lunch at the mercy of the tour company
- Dinner at Restaurant di Lamole (if we still have the energy) or head to Greve and have dinner at Taverna del Guerrino instead?

30 August
Spend the day in Siena, again walk around the city and check out the sites. (is there something that I just should not miss?)
- Lunch at L'Osteria
- Dinner at Grotta di Santa Caterian

31st August
- Head to Pisa in the morning
- go see the leaning tower and gab lunch somewhere close by
- head to the airport back to london

All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. It is definitely worth spending half a day (or more!) in Lucca. You can rent bikes and take a ride around the promenade on top of the wall that encircles the city. It should not take you more than 30-40 minutes and it is a pleasant way to see the city.

    Buca di San Antonio is very good, but if you are in the mood for something more casual, try Trattoria da Leo.

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    1. re: DavidT

      Thanks for that... I will keep a look out for rental bikes as I will keep Trattoria da Leo in mind.
      Just a bit worried that I am trying to cram too much into a short trip. My boyfriend still naively thinks this is going to be a relaxing holiday sitting in a farm and drinking wine.

      1. re: parrat01

        parrat01, so funny! I too have scheduled a very similiar trip with 5 days in the country visiting as much as I can stand! My traveling partner keeps commenting on how nice it is going to be just to relax at the farmhouse and read lots of books! Little does he know that this is soo not going to happenLOL! Good luck with your itinerary and I too suggest Trattoria da Leo over Buca di antonio. I have eaten at both, and although theyb are both really wonderful, da Leo is a little more casueal and "younger". Have fun on your trip!

    2. Sounds great. One suggestion, skip Trattoria Cibereo. It was purhaps the worst dinner my wife and I had in Italy. It is a madhouse with lines, poor service and average food. I think it is living off their past history. I recommend La Giostra if you have one night in Florence. The food is outstanding, wine great, service great and romantic. We had the chef tasting menu with recommended wine and it was one of the best meals I ever had anywhere.