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Aug 24, 2010 07:15 AM

Edinburgh- Scotland

Does anyone have any advice on obtaining kosher food in Edinburgh? I am going to a conference in October and they are trying to provide me with kosher food but are unable to find anything. Any info on the Chabad House in Edinburgh and their Shabbos meal would be helpful as well. thanks

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    I didn't end up staying in Edinburgh for Shabbat but I would suggest contacting the shul and seeing what can be arranged. In terms of food, outside of Kalpna you will probably need deliveries from the chabad in Glasgow. L'Chaim restaraunt is linked from that page and says they will deliver to anywhere in Scotland.

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      Thank you for the info, definitely helpful.

    2. I was in Edinburgh a few years ago. I would definitely contact the Rabbi (info should be online somewhere...). He is extremely nice and welcoming -- in fact, my friend and I went to shul Friday night planning to eat peanut butter sandwiches in our hotel room afterwards, and he invited us over to his home for the meal. I'm sure he will help you figure things out!

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        Aye, but can you get kosher haggis laddy?

      2. I was in Edinburgh last sumer during festival time. As you are probably aware by now there are no Kosher eating establishments. But plenty of Kosher food can be bought in the local supermarket providing you know what you are looking for or have a copy of the latest London Beit Din guide, as most products DO NOT have a symbol like in the US.

        I stayed in the University dorms, which turns out is only a few minutes walk from the Orthodox Shul (which is closed during the week). The rooms are plain, clean and very cheap compared to the inner city which is about a 20 minute bus ride away. There have an included breakfast buffet which is strictly traif for the most part, but there is a huge choice of Kellog cereals, fresh fruit and juices. You definately won't go hungry but remember to bring disposable plates and cutlery if you need it.

        1. You can get food couriered from JA Hyman in Manchester. See

          1. The kosher caterer in Glasgow will prepare meals and send them to Edinburgh.

            You can also get the British kosher-without-printed certification lists. Many supermarket breads in the U.K. now have a printed certification. Or you could survive on Walker's Oat Cakes.