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Aug 24, 2010 05:46 AM

comments on new haven

just got back last night, here`s a few observations- nica`s market on orange st. FABULOUS!!!! sage american grill, BLECCK! Captain D`s down from Jimmies on the bay, FABULOUS, AND REASONABLE.nicas has the most wonderful food in the back, try the classic on foccacia. soooo good, we ended up eating lunch there 3 out of 5 days. Jimmies is , well, ther same, good, but predictable. captain D`s was a first for us, must say the lobster was good, scallops too, but salad was warm. reasonably priced, which is hard to find there! sage american grill. i wish i could buy them for what they are really worth, and sell them for what they THINK they`re worth hahha. tiny i mean minscule oysters on the 1/2 shell for $10.00 won`t be back

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  1. As a New Haven resident, let me offer a few comments:
    Nica's - absolutely wonderful gourmet grocery with fabulous prepared foods and sandwiches. Wonderful people, wonderful food.
    Sage - while I wouldn't necessarily say "blecck," it has long been known for very average food at above average prices. The best thing going for it has always been the location....
    Jimmie's - seldom, if ever, go anymore. I know that when I have business guests who live in the Midwest, they crave a trip to Jimmie's for their fill of fried, fresh seafood, but it seems very dated, both in terms of their menu and the surroundings.
    Captain D's - what is this?? I am not aware of any place called Captain D's. Are you referring to Captain's Galley?

    Captain's Galley
    19 Beach St, West Haven, CT 06516

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      Sage has got to get its act together to survive--I was there recently and it feels like they've just given up on maintaining the place: busted signs, dirty bathrooms, just sad. Service was great and food was pretty good, but it was depressing to see that they just aren't keeping things up.

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        I know there have been some significant financial issues there. They have now given up the second floor and are leasing it to the Yacht Club that has moved next door. It was my understanding that if that deal did not materialize, they were going to have to shut the doors.

    2. New Haven born and bred but I do not get the appeal of Jimmie's at all. I have always been, to be frank, rather repelled by it. I don't dig the deep-fry everything aesthetic. Gives me a belly-ache just thinking about it. Not saying they do it wrong, just saying, just saying, there are other ways to cook seafood.

      I can eat their food, once every five years or so. But the restaurant itself baffles me. It is so 1970's nasty. Those big smoked windows just give me nightmares. How about a deck and outside seating options?

      Why did they bother building it on the water when you can't even see the sound from the dining room without standing on your chair and peering through those narsty-narsty windows?If I have to eat grease and batter, at least give me some fresh air and a cheering section of seagulls.

      But then again, that might not help. Not like Chick's food becomes digestible when it is eat alfresco.

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        FYI - For what it's worth, Jimmie's DOES now have al-fresco dining on a brand-new deck that they built, but I haven't been there since it opened up and feel like you about their food.

        Here's a pic:

        1. re: Pipenta

          Jimmies was forced to build the current restaurant when West Haven was upgrading and outlawed eating in the car. They were not allowed to have an outdoor dining area for years as the city was afraid of the recurring garbage/pigeon problems that plagued Savin Rock in the past.

          That said, Jimmies is past its prime and every few years my MIL will suggest we eat there. We leave unsatisfied and swear we won't return (lasts about 3 years).

          Now, if they ever resurrect the Roessler's Yellow Tag Hot Dogs, there'd be a reason to return.

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            Thanks for the update and info cheereeo and bagelman01. Still not going to rush back there, but I am glad to know there is an outdoor option.