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Aug 24, 2010 04:19 AM


Any recommended italian restaurants in the Lowell or Southern NH areas. Want to take my elderly parents and inlaws out and Boston is a little too much for them Thanks

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  1. Haven't been yet, but I've heard that Ricardo's in Lowell is good.

    1. A good one is Cafe Il Cipresso in Tyngsboro. It's in a strip mall but don't mind that. They make fresh pasta and sauces. They also have limited hours so call ahead to see if they are open.

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        You're right but the interior, the chairs, etc. aren't what my parents (80s) and inlaws (90s) would find special or even acceptable or comfortable. They like more of a old-school, fancier decor. While this might not matter to the OP's elderly relatives, it's something to mention.

        1. re: three of us

          Robertff or three of us, have you been to Caffe Il Cipresso recently? I have only been once, over a year ago, and was underwhelmed. The pancetta in the sauce tasted old. They didn't drain the pasta so the sauce was watery. If it had been a chain or a very low-end place, I'd have requested well-drained but I don't think you should have to specify this in a restaurant that takes pride in its food. The tiramisu was dried out and tasted like refrigerator. It had clearly been around for quite some time.

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            Hmmm, yours is the second such review I've heard like this. An acquaintance of mine and her husband commented on a so-so experience in the spring.

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              I went a couple of months ago and it was very good so either I was lucky that night or you were unlucky. There is another place on Amherst St. called Cucina Toscana that is also good. One of the owner/waiters looks like Leslie Nielsen so make sure you rent Police Squad or Naked Gun the night before or after for a good laugh.


              1. re: robertlf

                Hey, that's Davide, the owner, LOL. They do a nice table-side caesar salad.

        2. Ralphie's on rte 28 in Salem, NH, they'll love it.

          1. Cucina Toscana in Nashua. Also in a strip mall but fresh and delicious with that old-school feeling.

            1. Salvatore's along the Merrimack River in Lawrence is close and pretty good food & ambiance if you sit outside overlooking the river.

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                I too have an elderly mom (89) who loves italian food. I really like to take her to Vincenzos in Chelmsford and she absolutely loves Cafe Luigi in Bedford MA...they have the same menu for lunch and dinner.

                Cafe Luigi
                152 Great Rd Ste 2, Bedford, MA 01730