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Aug 24, 2010 12:35 AM

Visiting Vancouver in Sept for 3 days, any recommendations?

Hey everyone!

I'm visiting Vancouver for the first time. We haven't booked our hotel yet but we will have a rental car. So I have no idea where we're staying. I was wondering if you guys can give great hole in the wall recommendations or restaurants that I can't leave Seattle without trying. I'm not a picky either, I'm just a food lover who's willing to try anything. I'd greatly appreciate it! Perhaps your favorite izakaya? Chinatown restaurant? And most definitely restaurants around tourist attractions like Lynn Canyon, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, etc.

If you are visiting CA anytime soon, I will definitely recommend my favorite places to you as well.

Thanks again!

Lynn Canyon Cafe
3690A Park Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J3K2, CA

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  1. HITW near Queen E Park: Long's Noodle House. Do a search on here to see if it fits your criteria. Get a reso or prepare to wait, even at off hours.

    Long's Noodle House
    4853 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3R9, CA

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      thanks for the suggestion grayelf! i'll add it to my list! :)

    2. It's not hole in the wall but if I could only ever have one Vancouver experience I'd go to The Observatory at the top of Grouse Mt. on the North Shore. Vancouver is full of great food in little mom and pop restaurants and four star dinging but this place will cover all of your bases for a short visit. The food is great (white linen service). The view of the inlet and all of Vancouver is spectacular. And it's at the top of Grouse/Capilano.

      Plan a day. Start with a bicycle ride around Stanley park. It's not too long or too taxing and you see a tremendous part of the park. Cardoza's at Coal Harbor on the edge of the park is a nice place for lunch. It sits out over the marina and you can watch the sea planes and boats go in and out while you eat very nice food in a relaxed environment. When you're done drive over the Lions Gate bridge to Capilano Highlands where you can walk over a spectacular suspended bridge and then you can have the really unique experience of strolling through the canopy of enormous firs on Ewok-like catwalks. From there it's just a couple miles further up the mountain to the funicular trolley and a breathtaking ride to the summit. There's all kinds of hiking up there from a casual stroll to The Grouse Grind.

      Make your reservation at The Observatory for a window table at sunset. Keep in mind that sunset is later in Vancouver so you'll have lots of time for a relaxing and memorable day.

      I'm in Los Angels thinking now that it's years since I've been to Vancouver. God how I miss it!

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        I like rainey's suggested itinerary. Just a couple of notes/comments: if you dont' want to spend the $$$ for the Capilano Suspension bridge attraction, there is another suspension bridge located at Lynn Canon which is quite impressive and free. Also, you might want to have a look at the other "attractions" on the top of Grouse Mountain and plan enough time to check some of them out before dinner. If you make advanced reservations to dine at the Observatory the skyride and most attractions are complimentary (a value of $39.95/ adult).

        Oh, and I think the recommendation is for Carderos in Coal Harbour (not Cardoza)

        1. re: islandgirl

          "Oh, and I think the recommendation is for Carderos in Coal Harbour (not Cardoza)"

          Thanks for that correction. I never remember the name. When I'm diligent I look at the street map of Vancouver and get it right (it's named after the street it's on the end of) but I didn't 'cause I thought I had it this time. ;>

          Thanks for adding those other suggestions.

          Vancouver is such a great city I could have suggested a hundred other things but I clustered them all along adjacent major streets for time efficiency and also to reduce the chances of someone being unfamiliar getting lost.

          Besides, the walk through the trees at Capilano is my idea of wonderful. A slideshow of my photos from there is the screensaver on my computer. ;>

          We used to live in Lynn Valley but I've never been to the suspension bridge there. Sad but true. The kids went in outdoor ed at school so I didn't need to take them and so I never quite made it myself.

          1. re: islandgirl

            thanks islandgirl! i'm looking forward to this trip! please let me know if you have any other suggestions! shopping districts, etc.

          2. re: rainey

            thank you so much for your suggestions rainey!! what part of LA do you live at now?? i was just there 2 weekends ago!

            1. re: verybluetiful

              I live in an area of the San Fernando Valley called Woodland Hills. It's about as suburban as LA gets. Not much to visit here but it's a nice place to live where I can have enough garden to raise my veggies and fruit trees.

              Enjoy Vancouver! It's a beautiful and very livable city any time of the year.

          3. Chinatown isn't really a restaurant destination as you may imagine it to be. The dining options are pretty underwhelming. For Chinese restaurants in and around Vancouver, the hotspot is Richmond, which is a 30 minute subway ride south of downtown. Well worth it if you're seeking Chinese food. Chinatown is otherwise fun for Chinese groceries and Vancouver history.

            Lynn Canyon is in the middle of a residential suburb - no real dining options worthwhile immediately nearby.

            Queen Elizabeth Park does have the Seasons in the Park restaurant. It's worthwhile for a casual special occasion restaurant.

            Seasons in the Park
            Queen Elizabeth Park, 33rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M5, CA

            1. I literally flew into San Diego from SeaTac this afternoon. Took a bus to Vancouver from Seattle and stayed at the Loden Vancouver, close to the West End and Stanley Park. I would suggest ditching the rental car if you're staying downtown... the only thing you'll probably need it for is to head to North Van and there is an Enterprise location in the West End if you wanted a one-day rental. We took public transit everywhere and it worked out really well.

              Anyway, here's my request for recommendations thread:

              Van 'Hounds rocked with their recommendations. The best hole in the wall place I had a chance to visit was Bo King Laksa... fantastic meal there. Didn't do the izakayas even though we were close to them, but they'd be a great stop after a day at Stanley Park. Totally agree with Rainey's rec to bike the park... we walked it because Mr. Geeky is healing from a ruptured disc and couldn't sit in a bike for that long, but I would have loved to bike it. You can ride along the seawall or bike through the middle of the park.

              Have a great trip!

              1. My favorite restaurant here is definitely Nuba (I like their location on W Hastings best).

                A couple other note-worthy places I've been recently were La Brasserie on Davie and Rogue at waterfront station. A touristy place to stop by would be the teahouse in Stanley park. Their dinner didn't blow me away but the views did. Might be a good option for lunch!

                Nuba Cafe
                322 Hastings St W, Vancouver, BC V6B1K6, CA

                La Brasserie
                1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA