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Aug 23, 2010 09:58 PM

what's up with 1921 in Houma?

On the basis of recommendations from this board, I have been trying to go to 1921 in Houma for a couple of months now, and it has either been closed or no one has answered the phone. It looks like it is still in business though. Is it my bad luck, are their hours inconsistent, or are they closed? Anyone have a good B plan to suggest in Houma or environs?

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  1. The closest thing to 1921 is Big Al's. There's two locations to choose from. Not sure what's up with 1921. They were open when I drove by a few weeks ago.

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      Tried Big Al's a couple of times (both times after driving to 1921 and finding it closed)--and it didn't thrill us. As per others on this board, we found the boiled crawfish that had been pre-boiled to be unappealing (although when we had Big Al's crawfish in June at a catered event, they were specacular) . I'll try again on my next trip to Houma.

      1. re: coffeebrownies

        That's my gripe with big al's too. When I've gone, the crawfish hasn't been that bad. My problem lies with the pre-boiled shrimp. They get old too quickly.

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          FYI, the southside Big Al's is closed.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            I'm not familiar with a "southside" of houma. You mean east side or west side? Grand Caillou or W. Tunnel? Bummer one closed though.

      2. re: N.O.Food

        We spent a week in Houma and the restaurants were for the most part very unsatisfactory. Big Al's - we walked in and the young man at the front desk was chewing a took pick, which he kindly held in his hand while talking to us. We asked why everyone was wearing their jackets...he said it was something to do with the a/c. We sat down and I unrolled the napkin holding my cutlery. Someone else's meal was still in the fork. We got up and left.

        The only good place we found was a restaurant called Cafe Dominique. The food was fantastic as was the service. We would have dined here every night had we known...

        1. re: Discerning Palate

          What about Melvin's. I have not been in quite some time.

          Melvin's Restaurant @ 1023 Saadi St., Houma, LA 985 - 868 - 1594.

      3. Finally got a new recording on their VM that says they are closed because of the oil spill...bummer. Not sure I understand what exactly about the oil spill caused them to close, (or when they closed) but I guess we will just have to be patient.

        1. not reliable at all. I travel to new Orleans once a week just to get good seafood. houma is lacking