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Aug 23, 2010 09:18 PM

jalapeno peppers

At a fram stand today and bought a large basket of jalapeno's. Do I chop and freeze Any other Ideas the keep fresh for use in next few weeks

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  1. I don't chop. I freeze individually and whole. They keep well I think. Also, I've had good luck with peppers in the fridge. They usually will hold up for a few weeks.

    1. I freeze all kinds of peppers whole. When thawed they are a little water-logged but I just blot with a paper towel. We use lots of jalapenos and this way I always have some on hand.

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        I am growing jalapeƱos this year and I'll probably end up with an excess that would come in handy later in the year.

        If I freeze them whole and they end up a little waterlogged, will I still be able to handle them effectively enough to remove all the ribs? I like the flavor but not the heat. Do they retain all their heat if the ribs remain intact in frozen chiles?

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          I'm growing a great little pepper this year called Zavory. It has all the flavor of a jalapeno with only a tiny amount of zip. They are easy to grow, prolific, and decorative too! Mine are in pots along the front walk, just covered in beautiful green and red peppers and still flowering like crazy. Like you, I love jalapeno flavor but not so much heat. I've seen them in several catalogs but I think we got ours from Burpee.

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            Hi Rainey. Yes you'll be able to remove the seeds and ribs when you take the peppers out of the freezer. I swipe each one under hot water just for a second, blot with paper towel then slice from stem to bottom. Once again, blot the inside and take out whatever you want. I find that the heat remains after freezing. I don't always remove the seeds and ribs...

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              I grow lots of hot peppers....the real hot ones, habaneros and jolokias. They freeze very well. I even use them uncooked, for guacamole. Just split them and cut out the seeds and membranes while the pepper is still frozen solid. You have to do it quickly, as they thaw very fast. But freezing is a great way to preserve the peppers that don't dry well, and its as simple as can be.

          2. You can always pickle some, too, which is really tasty.

            1. Mix cream cheese, cheddar and sweet corn. Stuff into the seeded peppers, wrap in bacon and throw on the grill. These things will fly at a party.