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Aug 23, 2010 07:38 PM

Too many farmer's markets- Is this a problem?

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  1. Interesting, but won't the market self correct itself on this? The the profit margin becomes smaller, then less will want to sell in the farmer's market. The article used Starbuck as an example for overgrowing, well, Starbuck did self correct its mistake, so I don't see a big concern here.

      1. Is it a problem?

        Well, for the customer, yes and no.

        We have markets springing up all over the place here. Few are certified by our national association of farmers markets - which means any old crap can be sold at them. Which means, in the short term, customers may be short-changed and "genuine" producers may find themselves under unreasonable competition from folk who have just bought their produce at the nearest wholesale market. It also means that an area gets swamped with markets making some unviable - means in due course there will be self-correction as already suggested.