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Aug 23, 2010 07:36 PM

How to tell if ground turkey is still good?

I bought some ground turkey at Whole Foods last thursday and it has been in my fridge ever since. When I unwrapped it today to make turkey quinoa burgers, it was still pink and not slimy but i couldn't tell if it smelled okay. It didn't smell "bad" but I really couldn't decide if it smelled like ground turkey should smell.

I don't cook meat very often so I decided that I would just make them and now they're done. I'm nervous though b/c I would prefer NOT to get e.coli or something tonight.

Does anyone have any advice or can you describe how raw ground turkey normally smells?

Thank you!

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  1. Trust your nose. If something smells "off" in any way, it probably is. I am a strong believer in trusting initial gut reactions to the smell of raw food. And I very rarely get food poisoning...never from home cooking, that I know of.

    I have tossed out whole chickens and returned several packages of meat to the store, bought that very day, for being rotten.

    1. As long as the turkey was kept refrigerated and doesn't smell bad, it should be fine. I've kept raw meat in my fridge for longer and I'm still here to type about it.

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        Agree, friend. And as long as it has been cooked completely through, as all poultry should, your chances of contracting e. coli are next to nil.

        It normally smells like, well, turkey, once you are cooking it.