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Aug 23, 2010 06:57 PM

Just Hot Dogs- Huntington Beach

Anybody try them? How are their Chicago hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches?

I didn't know about them until I saw this review:

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  1. Last Friday, I made a trip to Just Dogs for lunch as I had an errand in the area. I'm not a fan of Chicago style hot dogs, so my goal was to try the Italian Beef Sandwich. I ordered and was asked if I wanted hot peppers or sweet peppers, to which I replied "both." I also ordered fries. The sandwich was very good. I'm sure that more discerning ex-Chicogoans might be better able to provide a critical comparison, but it was definitely reminiscent of sandwiches I'd eaten in Chicago. The fries werevery good, but on the oily side. Interestingly, when I asked for pepper for my fries, or vinegar, neither was available, so I made do with salt and ketchup. They have recently added Italian sausage to the menu. When I asked if it was grilled, they replied that they didn't yet have a grill so they were deep frying it. If they have no grill, how are they cooking the hot dogs? I hate boiled hot dogs. They must be doing OK, as I was told they were going to open another location in Newport Beach. I'd go back there again for the Italian Beef.