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Aug 23, 2010 06:28 PM

Hong Kong in 4 Nights & 3 Days

Hi. I'm going to Hong Kong for the first time in a week. I'm looking for REAL Cantonese food. I'm from New York, so I'm not looking for fancy decor, fusion foods, or western-style cooking. I want the real deal. I haven't found many solid suggestions for food, so I thought it was best to create a topic for comments & suggestions to my itinerary so far.

Night 1: East Tsim Sha Tsui
- Need a suggestion for late dinner (9pm)

Day 1: Central, Tsim Sha Tsui
- Brunch - Dim Sum at City Hall
- Early Dinner - Hau Fook Street/Haiphong Street Dai Pai Dongs
- Late Night - Temple Street Night Market

Day 2: Central, Macau
- Breakfast - Graham Street Market
- Lunch - Fernando's
- Pre-Dinner Snack - Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (for Portuguese Egg Tarts)
- Dinner - A Lorcha

Day 3: Sheung Wan, Central, Causeway Bay, Victoria Peak
- Breakfast - Sang Kee Congee Shop (for Congee) & North Garden Restaurant (Cha Siu Bau)
- Lunch - Need suggestion near Central
- Dinner - Little Sheep (for Mongolian Lamb Hot Pot)
- Dessert - The Peak

All of it is based on forums found online, so I am open to all changes, as long as it is in the area I'll be in. I really would like to have some good noodles and lau buo bing. Also, any suggestions for must-eats in addition or according to the itinerary will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Do you have any budget concern ? There are tons of places with better dim sum than City Hall and North Garden such as Fan Tang (飯堂), Fook Lam Moon (福臨門), Fu Sing (富聲) ............ do a search, there are tons of recommendation on this board. Wonton noodle is a must in HK, there are tons of post on it too. There is some dai pai tong style eatery in the Temple street area which is ok and it is a great tourist area, so I guess it is a must go. I will skip Haiphong Street Dai Pai Dongs, Little Sheep, North Garden, City Hall. Some of the better choice real deal : Try Chairman (大班樓) for great cantonese food, seafood specialty shop such as Causeway Bay Chili crab" (銅鑼灣辣蟹莊) for jumbo size mantis shrimp and Typhoon Shelter crab, if you are going in winter time, go for the snake soup and lap Mei/Chinese BBQ specialty shop such as the "Snake the Second" (蛇王二) in Causeway Bay. Also, the Rice roll specialty shop "Tong Kee" (堂記腸粉專門店) at Jordan for HK style street side eatery, prepare for a line up. For dessert, try the popular "Fat Kee" (發記甜品), there is one in Causeway Bay, very good mango sago pomelo dessert.

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      I don't have a budget, per se. Just nothing too extravagant. When I go to Asia, I usually go on the assumption that I won't be spending as much as I do in the States. Thank you for all of the suggestions! The majority of the restaurants on my list were placeholders, as you can see.

    2. I went to Hong Kong a month ago and we really liked Sister Wah (13A Electric Road). Everyone in the restaurant will probably recommend the beef tendon (I think. I don't know the English translation on the English menu) soup. It's one of those hole-in-the-wall places, which seems to be what you're looking for.

      If you want cheap and not fancy and not touristy, I would suggest eating outside of Central. Go to Kowloon or East of Central. It's much more authentic Cantonese cuisine. There's another place that was authentic Hong Kong food in Kowloon, but I don't remember the name or address. I will ask my mother who took me there.

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        thank you! i'm leaving in two days and still unsure of where to eat. so i'll definitely keep that in mind.