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Aug 23, 2010 06:06 PM

Is there a Teitel Bros (Italian Deli) in Midtown?

Similarly priced and stocked.

BTW, If you haven't been to Zero Otto Nove, it's well worth the trip. I should have stocked up @ some of those butcher/delis whilst I was there...le sigh.


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  1. The few midtown places that come to mind with some significant overlap in offerings are Todaro Bros on 2nd Ave @ 32? St; International Grocery at 40th and Ninth Ave for Greek and other Mediterranean provisions--at Ninth Ave and 38th St is Esposito Bros pork store. Father south, Buonitalia in the Chelsea Market on Ninth Ave and 16th St. for a wide range of specalities. Teitel is almost sui generis, and without any true counterpart in midtown. Faicco's on Bleecker or Alleva on Grand St are close cousins.

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      Thanks Bob, Todaro Bros is really close to me.