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Aug 23, 2010 04:46 PM

Garage sale find - "lauffer" enameled cast iron

Does anyone know anything about Lauffer cast iron cookware? I picked up a box with 6 pieces in it; 2 pans with lids (probably 2 and 4 quart) and an oval casserole/dutch oven also with a lid. They are enameled on the interior only, and each lid is a shallower version of the pan and can be used separately. These are heavy and stamped "Lauffer made in England" on the bottom.

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  1. 30 seconds on Google ------- "In 1925, Le Creuset in France simplified the use of cast iron by covering it with enamel, which eased problems with sticking and cleaning. Similar items such as the porcelainized cast iron made in Denmark by Copco and in England by H. E. Lauffer ended the problem of rust. "

    1. I have a few pieces I bought in mid seventies , black outside and white inside . Very modern looking. They still look almost new and I have used them alot. They were not cheap when I bought them. It used to be an excellent product....I havent heard about them in years.

      1. One more follow up if anyone is still interested. The black and white pieces were designed by Robert Welch (died 3/15/2000). He also designed the Chantry knife sharpener (2nd version)
        I think they were cast at the Crane foundry.

        My mother used the 3-4 quart oval model for years. I also have a piece of that size and my aunt just gave me hers. If anyone has any other sizes of shapes I would love to have some.

        1. I have a dutch oven about 11 across the handles with a lid. I bake bread in it and does a wonderful job. I got mine at a flea market for 14 dollars. I am looking for more. They are rare and among the best quality in enamel cast iron cookware. The value of the piece I bought for $14 is about $150 to collectors. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more like this.