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Aug 23, 2010 04:06 PM

Dinner at North Fork Table and Inn

We had a truly lovely dinner at NFT&I Saturday evening. With the exception of the wine we chose, everything was just about perfect.

For a starter, I chose the miniature beets with goat cheese and pistachios in a vinaigrette. The pistachios added a wonderful crunch and the tiny, marble sized beets were just delicious. My husband had the lobster and calamari appetizer that had been on the tasting menu but which they had no problem with him ordering as part as the three course price fixed menu. It was dressed in a sort of remoulade, which is not my husband's favorite dressing for seafood. Though he liked it, he said that he wouldn't order it again. My son had the tuna tartare, which I tasted and which was delicious. It was in an Asian soy dressing served with taro chips. For our mains, I had the seared sea scallops on a bed of mushroom risotto. Very tasty. My husband had the chicken stuffed with summer truffles. The truffles were very mild in flavor but they completely perfumed the chicken. My son ordered the pancetta wrapped rabbit, which he declared to be scrumptious and extremely moist. For dessert, two of us ordered the doughnuts with a coffee dipping sauce and one of us ordered the peach tart. We shared everything, though it was hard not to inhale those doughnuts!

The thing I love about this restaurant is the careful attention to detail without becoming overly precious. Almost everything on the menu is local, but no one is hammering that home all the time. The restaurant itself is perfect. Elegant without being stuffy, and in complete sync with the fact that the North Fork is a very casual, down-home kind of place. We loved our server, and the rest of the staff was professional and very welcoming. I wish we could eat here more frequently!

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  1. Very nice meal, and so cool that Pierson has quite an adventurous appetite, with the tuna tartare and rabbit. Doughnuts for dessert, very hip. What was up with the wine?

    I'm glad you had a great meal; I'm sure you'll have the oppurtunity to go back, and maybe someday I'll be able to get out there.

    1. Thanks for this report. I, too, hope that a visit will be in my near future! I had an excellent dinner here last summer..

      1. Warning: don't go there for the upcoming LI Restauant Week- we went last year and had the world's tiniest portions and speediest service- three courses in under an hour! Much better to save up and go for a regular meal, which is spectacular....

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        1. re: Tara N

          When is restaurant week? I'm heading down for 2 nights the weekend of Oct 16th and 17th and I'm hoping it is NOT restaurant week.

        2. Hey did you guys hear that they have a food truck in their parking lot for quickies?

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            That's very cool. Wish we were out there. If you get to NFT&I's truck and they are serving corn soup (not chowder), though I realize it's getting late in the season for corn, have it. Transcendent.