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Aug 23, 2010 03:30 PM

Great/Good/Interesting Chow About 45 Minutes from Lynchburg, VA?

I'm staying with my mother who recently moved to Lynchburg, and we're planning on going on a little outing tomorrow. Unfortunately, Staunton is too far away for her (arthritis) and I'd love to find some place open for lunch that would be within about a 45 minute drive from Lynchburg. One option is the Thai place in Colleen, but we have been there before.

Appreciate any thoughts - and destinations that require a drive with some lovely mountain views would be a bonus!

Thank you.

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  1. A drive up to Amherst, and over the mountains through Buena Vista into Lexington would be a good trip. When we drove through Lexington, we noticed a lot of nice eateries downtown. They looked interesting, and we were disappointed that we didn't have time to stop and try one out. I attribute the number of eateries to the fact that there are several colleges in Lexington.

    Another trip would be to go to Greenfront furniture in Farmville. There was a nice restaurant next door. I don't remember the name of it. However, it looked like the economy had taken a toll on Farmville the last time we were there. I'd try to find out if thoses places are still open.

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      Thank you. We ended up turning back at Amherst due to the not-quite torrential rain today. So, we had lunch at Cavalier, which is just blocks from my mother's apartment. The onion rings were some of the best I've had in years, and the service was lovey. As an added note - my mother asked me to ask if they deliver, and the answer was "It depends whose asking." I kind of liked that response and made sure to give the guy my mother's name and find out his name!

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        I realize that I'm late in responding to this, but I assume you'll be back in town visiting your mother again. If I were looking for a destination restaurant from Lynchburg, I would go to Millstone Tea Room in Sedalia. If your mom lives close to the Cavalier, it's probably about 30 minutes away. It's a bit of a twisty drive on 501, but once you make the turn on 122, the drive is beautiful. They used to serve lunch during the week, though now I think it's just brunch on the weekends. If you haven't been there, it's worth checking out.
        Thanks for reminding me to try the Cavalier again. We used to not go there because it was always so incredibly smoky. Now that Virginia has its new smoking ban, I need to put that back on our list of places to go.
        There are a few places near your mom's apartment worth checking out on your future trips. Blue Marlin seafood is good for lunch (and a great place to buy fresh seafood). The food at Mangia is good (though if you have a large group, service tends to be spotty). You can get good picnic things at Magnolia Foods if you want to have a destination picnic rather than a restaurant. Bedford Avenue Meat Shop is worth a visit if your mom hasn't discovered that.
        I hope she enjoys Lynchburg...we love living here.

        Millstone Tea Room
        9058 Big Island Hwy, Bedford, VA 24523

        Blue Marlin
        104 120th St, Ocean City, MD 21842