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Aug 23, 2010 03:24 PM

RIP part 4

Saw that Kahuna's on Parmer and McNeil was shut down today.

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  1. totally not surprised.
    that space seems cursed but then again, it was a crappy restaurant.

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      Ack! There goes Weds. $1 happy hour. It was not good chow, but it was nicely cheap. Guess it's back to Opal's or Riata.

      1. re: verily

        i hope something delicious goes in, and is permanent.
        i like curra's in general, but that location (which it was prior to kahuna) was AWFUL.
        they need to reverse the curse.

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          Looks like Leo's Gyros in Cedar Park closed down. Shame... I just moved up here and planned on eating there fairly often.

          1. re: bloody hammer

            Emerald City Press on N. Lamar has shuttered

            Emerald City Press
            915 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              According to some post-Hermine news footage I saw, the location got hit pretty hard. If they were struggling before the storm, the damage they suffered would likely do them in.

    2. Saw that Joe's Crab Shack on 183 and Duval has closed. Sorry to anyone who lost their jobs because of it, but I have to say that I couldn't stand that place. Hopefully, something better will take over the location.

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      1. re: ssouth

        that shared parking lot w/ chuy's was always crazy full.
        hopefully something good and non-chain will open up.
        it is a pretty good location, right off 183.

        1. re: ssouth

          I didn't eat there often but I will be sad to see it go. They had gone way downhill over the last several years (multiple owners?) but were finally beginning to get back to the way they used to be. I had a fantastic lunch there a while back; little did I know it would be the last. We can't afford any more closings in this area, the choice is so dismal already!

          1. re: ssouth

            As of 3-24-11 the former Joe's space is occupied by The Brick House Tavern and Tap

          2. i guess this is the most current version of the RIP thread?

            here are some north austin closings:

            the pollotron truck at pond springs and anderson mill boarded up some time in december, but now the truck is gone completely.

            hong kong market on parmer (near chipotle, twin liquors, food shui etc.) is officially closed but i didn't know they even opened!

            sodade coffee shop on burnet shuttered.

            bagpipes pub and eatery on research is gone.

            ...and mama roux's is also closed, obviously.

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            1. re: dinaofdoom

              Bagpipes has been replaced by "Big Daddys Burgers and Bar". Something like that

              1. re: beercoop

                yeah, i saw that place and it looked like a fairly generic casual eatery, but the online menu seems to indicate some relationship with the Nutty Brown Cafe, so maybe has some Austin history? anybody tried it?

                Nutty Brown Cafe
                12225 W Highway 290, Austin, TX 78737

                1. re: willtryanythingonce

                  If it has a relationship with the nutty brown, that would be enough for me to avoid it. Cool outdoor space, but the food has been blah the few times I have been there.

            2. Cafe Canela, the successor to Mooya's and Geaux Burger at Burnet & Research, as itself gone away. It was pretty tasty, and the owner was always so nice, but the few times my wife and I went there, we had no company but each other.

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              1. re: ret3

                I know! It's so sad. It was on our regular lunch rotation. You're right about it being empty though. They really tried, but it just didn't work out. Now where am I gonna go for my chicken tomatillo enchiladas?... =(

              2. Nueva Onda one of the better Mexican joints is closing Saturday.

                Nueva Onda
                2218 College Ave, Austin, TX 78704

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                1. re: achtungpv

                  On the way back from lunch today (Spicy Pickle) I noticed that Hot Slices (aka Slices and Ices) is closed and has been gutted.

                  Too bad, I enjoyed their pies. R.I.P.