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Aug 23, 2010 03:23 PM

day in brooklyn

i'm going to be in three areas of brooklyn, bensonhurst/borough park, cobble hill, and greenpoint, for just one day. i would like to know which places are a must.
already on my list are:

royal crown,
peter pan
court st pastry

what else is a must??

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  1. Napoli (bread) bakery in Williamsburgh

    1. a must?

      that would be d. coluccio's on 60th st.

      thank me later

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      1. re: Mister Meatball

        Especially if you're going to Royal Crown, a few blocks away. Coluccio is on 60th 12th-11th aves.

      2. sahadi's, - Walk up Atlantic ave there are many French and Arabic restaurants. Blue Marble Ice cream and Mile End is on Hoyt are worth the effort.

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        1. re: Geo8rge

          Make the effort soon if you're headed for Blue Marble. That location is about to close ...

          Blue Marble Ice Cream
          420 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

          1. re: Geo8rge

            I made special effort to get to Blue Marble on a brooklyn day excursion and didn't find it worth it--ice cream was nothing special, very expensive, thought the place was going to be really cute and comfortable looking from the look of their website, but actually thought it was a real dump--but I guess that shabby chic dirty look is "in" for areas of Brooklyn...I lover retro, but not cafes or restaurants where they don't clean the tables, the floor is dirty--the place looks like it's falling apart--it's one thing to have a farmstand looking place out in the country--it's another to have a place like that on a commercial strip...they have nice signage that's about it--and the filthy toys in the back, were just a total turnoff--sorry, it wouldn't bother me so much, if the ice cream was about 1/2 the price and really great, but it was okay--I've had much better elsewhere...Villabate, though was worth the effort...

            1. re: janie

              yeah, i agree. villabate is amazing....and they truly have the best gelato i've ever had in my life.