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Aug 23, 2010 02:22 PM

Japanes Noodle inquiry

Does anyone know where to go get an authentic bowl of ramen or udon in the DFW area?

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  1. That's a great question, one I've asked many times. I can't provide hardly any help but here's what I know. There's a Japanese stand in a food court in a grocery store at Coit and something like Parker out in Plano that has ramen (miso, shoyu and maybe a couple others) but I do not think it's any good. Tei An is the only place in Dallas that serves Soba, from what I uderstand. I have never been there so can't speak to the quality. I'm hoping others respond to your question, I'd like to know as well where a good bowl of ramen can be had.

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      Tei An did have ramen on the menu as a seasonal thing, not sure if it still is or not. They always have Udon. I've had Udon at Tampopo in Plano, haven't been to the one in Dallas. I haven't had a bowl of ramen I'd call respectable (haven't tried it at Tei An). Tei An is a very good restaurant, I highly recommend it.

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        I last went to Tei An about a month ago and they still had miso ramen on the menu. Quality has been inconsistent but nontheless I think it is still worth the time/effort to go try it. Mr. Max supposedly does ramen well but I have heard so many mixed things about what makes them destination worthy (is this an izakaya, a ramen shop, or a mismash of "authentic" Japanese food?). I do like the nabeyaki udon at Sushi Robata, and I remember Genroku's being good (but I haven't been back there in years).

        demogodh, that grocery store you mentioned (May Hua) has closed down and I don't think the food court is still open, but the surrounding businesses like Joy Luck BBQ and Escape have not closed.

    2. None of the Japanese I know have any place that is a go-to for ramen. It's one of those things that isn't quite like from home and the substitutes and attempts don't come all that close. Tei-An and some lesser known places may have something respectable.

      Sushi Place was the place inside the May Hua complex and the ramen there was fairly middling imo. Probably made from a package. That's about the best quality you could hope for when ordering in the DFW area from my experiences. The bad quality stuff is the Chinese take on ramen which might taste alright but isn't at all like Japanese ramen. The original owner/chef of Sushi Place has owned Sushi Robata for a few years now.

      You're much better off going after Udon since it's much simpler to make consistently. It's actually pretty interesting to make on your own at home. Either from scratch or some packaged goods.

      Sushi Place
      2220 Coit Rd Ste 200G, Plano, TX 75075