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Watermelon cake?

I am on the horns of a dilemma. A very sweet (vegetarian) child has requested I bake a "watermelon cake" for her 6th birthday (in two days). I've googled and I've binged, and found recipes for cakes that look like watermelon, cakes that have watermelon jello (!?) for flavoring, and a very few cakes that use watermelon as an ingredient. So - cute cake with nothing to do with watermelon? Or - watermelon-tasting, easy cake that has some animal's hooves in it? Or the real thing? Does anyone have a suggestion out there?

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  1. I wouldn't make a non-vegetarian cake for a vegetarian so I'd stay away from jello. What about making a watermelon simple syrup and brushing it over the cake? You could also use watermelon syrup in the frosting. If you want to do an ice cream cake, you could make watermelon ice cream or sorbet and use that for the layers.

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      You're right, chowser, I can't do the jello. Oh, and just to make it more challenging, the site of the party is outside - a music in the park venue, so ice cream won't work, but the simple syrup idea is marvelous - thank you so much! I'm thinking of pureeing some watermelon and subbing into a recipe in the place of some liquid.

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        You can make a jello mix using agar agar & watermelon juice which would make it okay for vegetarians/vegans. Also, something else that might work would be to make the cake using a white cake and watermelon juice. After baking, cut it into the shape of a watermelon then cover in fondant and decorate like a cut watermelon. Color the fondant to match the watermelon & seeds.

    2. Watermelon cheesecake: http://www.culinaryconcoctionsbypeabo...

      Watermelon "cake" (actual watermelon served like a cake Martha-style): http://www.veggiebelly.com/2010/08/fr...

      1. How about a more standard birthday cake in watermelon colors (streaky green frosting, reddish pink (or red velvet) cake with chocolate chips, accompanied by a slice of Friendly's Wattamelon Roll ice cream (bring the package in a cooler with ice packs). I have my doubts that you can get much watermelon flavor into a cake without resorting to watermelon jello.

        1. You could also do a trifle of sorts, if you can make that "watermelon syrup" or puree. layer it in and soak the cake or ladyfingers... make a watermisu!

          or even use a syrup to soak a genoise which has been baked, cooled, (maybe pink tinted), poked with holes and covered with the syrup. you could sprinkle the top with sliced almonds or toasted pumpkin seeds, so that it looks like a watermelon. depending upon how lavish you want to go, my friend makes a vegan fondant that you could make, tint green, and wrap around the circumference of the cake as rind.

            1. Find the old Betty Crocker "bake n fill" cake mold to make a bombe. The outside layer would be cake. The most inner layer could be watermelon sherbet. Decorate the outside like a watermelon.

              Here is a link to one: http://www.asseenontv.com/prod-pages/...

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                Did you read the other replies? The OP already said an "ice cream cake" style is not possible.

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                  Oh well. She can still make the inner layer a red colored cake and the outside cake layer green then decorate it like a watermelon.

              2. If the kiddie is expecting a cake that LOOKS like a watermelon she'll not be happy with one that only tastes like a watermelon--can you get some guidance from her about what she means when she says "watermelon cake"?
                Let us know how it came out, regardless.

                1. kosher jello packets are vegetarian, I don't know if they have watermelon flavor but you could sub watermelon puree for water I guess!
                  Wow what a tough cake to make, let us know what you did.

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                    Thanks very much, everyone. I have a plan - it's different (quicker and easier) than what I would do on vacation or over the weekend, but the time is now. I'm modifying a cake mix with pureed watermelon in the place of water. I'm using food color to tint the cake red/pink. I'm using a variety of food colorings to create the colors and look of the watermelon. If I have time I'll get chocolate covered sunflower seeds from Trader Joe's for the seeds, otherwise either icing or chocolate chips will have to do. So that's my life tonight - I'll post a photo of the result. Thanks again, and I love the more elaborate ideas - they'll be good for future reference.

                  2. great plan! might not need the food coloring as the watermelon itself will add lots of color. bet watermelon chinks would look nice under a plain white glaze. bonne chance!

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                      Good thought - I can leave the cake unfrosted on top, make a watermelon simple syrup to pour over it, and decorate the sides and a bit around the top like a cross-section slice of watermelon.

                    2. I never uploaded pix before - here goes:

                      1. PS the cake was moist and watermelony and actually really delicious. Eaters of all ages licked the plates. THANK you for your kind and excellent suggestions!

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                          Wonderful! Thanks for the report and the pictures--I had nothing to add to the discussion but I followed it avidly.

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                            So beautiful! was the bday girl thrilled? i too added nothing to your endeavor but i'm so impressed. It's really a knock-out.

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                              That's great--you can tell how happy the birthday girl is with it, too. My son is standing over my shoulder and said it looks so realistic.

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                                The syrup poured over the UNfrosted cake mimics that "celled" texture of the real melon--great idea that turned out really well, realistic. You used white cake without egg yolk?

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                                  WAY impressive--you knocked it outta the park! Texture--and overall execution--is brilliant! Love the chocolate chips, too. Brava! >>^..^<<
                                  P.S. +1 to the thoughtful person who brought Calvin & Hobbes to the party as well.