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Aug 23, 2010 12:49 PM

Sardines in Miami

I love sardines and hunt for them in restaurants in and around Miami. La Bon on Lincoln Road served a good dish of these sustainables way back when. I was disappointed not long ago at Valentino Sul Mare in North Beach which offers “the iconic Sicilian dish pasta con sarde [is] available here made with sardines sourced in Delray Beach.” I couldn’t find any evidence of a fresh sardine on the plate.

But last week a friend of mine coaxed me into stopping at Old Lisbon on Coral Way, a restaurant I have passed by hundreds of times, for a late night bite. She promised a delicious sardine plate and she was right. We both had a plate of 6 thick plump Sardinhas Grelhadas, Grilled Portuguese Sardines $8.95. They also offer them sautéed with onions. We shared Berenjenas Recheadas ao Forno Oven cooked, Tomato and Cheese Stuffed Eggplant, served with fried Potatoes. $15.95. A $33 bottle of Portuguese red wine completed a perfect meal.

Anyone have any new leads?

Old Lisbon Restaurant
1698 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL 33145

Valentino Sul Mare
7330 Ocean Ter, Miami Beach, FL 33141

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  1. I am also a sardine lover and usually enjoy them at tapas restaurants. I have had them at xixon and enjoyed. I do not know what variety of sardine they serve, but they are of the larger sardine family and are served fried. I've only had them once but they were quite enjoyable.
    I have also had a similar type at El Carajo (also quite enjoyable)... although i think i prefer xixon in general.

    As an italian version, I would recommend Joeys. These are not fried, but rather marinated in oil and some spices (i appologize for the weak description but i only had them once and it was months ago). I do remember that they were absolutely delicious, esp if you like an italian style preparation

    1. You can usually find very nice grilled sardines at Anise Taverna (off Biscayne Blvd. at 78th St.). I've also had local sardines done in a sunomono style (cold and pickled, very similar to an escabeche) at Hiro's Yakko San in NMB. I've also had them at El Carajo as well.

      It's been a while since I've been to Old Lisbon but I've always enjoyed it.

      1. Thanks for the Old Lisbon report 2top, I've been dying to go there...

        I don't have anything to recommend in Miami, but Marumi Sushi had them on the specials board last week. They were priced at $6 for two grilled sardines, the examples I had were about 10" in length and were delicious!

        Has anyone seen them in local fish markets?

        Marumi Sushi
        8271 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL 33322

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          The Whole Foods in Boca has whole sardines available most weeks. You might try the one near you.

          ...and let me second the grilled sardines at Marumi. We had them on special a couple of months ago and they were very good.

        2. I'm pretty sure Solea serves sardines but I haven't been there in a few months so I don't know if they're still on the menu.

          1. Just bought the last tin of my favorite spicy sardines @ Fresh Market last night. Preserved in oil with a little red chili pepper and slice of carrot thrown in for flavor. These sardines have a great spicy flavor to them and taste awesome on a sardicado sandwich.

            Fresh Market
            2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133