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Wire racks for half-sheet pan

I am amazed that it is so difficult to find a wire rack that will fit in a standard half-sheet pan. Does anyone have a suggestion for where to look?

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  1. Williams-Sonoma sometimes has them in stock. Lionsdeal.com carries them for a lot less ($3.87-- they call them "pan grates") and also carries the size to fit quarter-sheet pans. I have ordered some of the 1/4 sheet size and they have been shipped, but I haven't seen them and so can't vouch for the quality.

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      I bought 2 of them (12x18 size) at a Party Store locally that also sells Wilton cake decorating stuff, but you can definitely order them online at places like amazon.com. They are cheap, like less than $10. I bought 2 so I could flip the cake.

    2. Restaurant supply stores. At my friendly local one, the racks are right next to the half-sheet pans.

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        At my local restaurant depot the racks are indeed next to the half sheet pans...and not one of them fits edge to edge.

      2. I have this one:

        fits perfectly in 1/2 sheet jellyroll pan

        1. I was just look at them yesterday on King Arthur Flour.com

          1. I use the old oven racks from a stove that died. They're rather a pain to store - I store mine behind the fridge and clean them off when I need to use them.

            1. Why have you not tried Amazon? By typing in "half sheet" this page was one of the suggestions:


              1. I'm sympathetic. About ten years ago I tried to buy a half sheet and a grid rack to fit it. We had no kitchen store locally then, and so I went online.

                Amazon was selling a sheet and rack both made by Chicago Metallic, as a package; it was a natural assumption that the rack would fit the pan. Nope, it was too wide to fit inside. WTF?!

                Then, it turned out that my oven was about a half-inch too small to use a half sheet pan at all, so the whole project was shelved for a while. Racks to fit quarter-size sheets were even harder to find, but I got some on ebay in 2007 and have seen more since.

                So I'm in favor of shopping for the rack in person, with half sheet at hand. If there are any restaurant supply places within driving distance, that would be my first choice.

                But if you want to do it via online shopping, I seem to remember Cook's Illustrated or somebody recommending a grid rack made by CIA, which fits a half sheet neatly.

                Watching Alton Brown is what sold me on the usefulness and versatility of the baking sheet-plus-rack setup. That's probably the most valuable takeaway from my Food Network watching days.

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                  I saw that cooks illustrated show and that's what made me think of it again....just not sure that all half sheet pans are completely standard , but I will try amazon...I just saw this old thread and had to chime in....thanks